Photo I Adore

Even though you can totally see my pores and all of my skin imperfections, I absolutely love this photo. It’s the small, easily ignored things that can so often take a photograph from ordinary to amazing. Reflected in the plastic of my water bottle is the Notre Dame Cathedral. So small, but so incredibly cool.

Dan and I took a three week trip to Europe a few summers ago. We stopped in Paris for a few days on our way from Spain to Italy. We were resting on the plaza in front of the Notre Dame when this photo was taken.  Having visited the Louvre and L’Orangerie museums earlier that day, our feet were tired from too much walking. The Paris sun was quite hot by mid-afternoon and I needed a drink of water.

I’d like to claim that this was just a coincidence, a lucky shot snapped when I paused to take a drink. I guess it sort of was. Dan noticed the reflection as I was drinking, but I actually had to pose here so that he could take the picture.


Patterson Park Pagoda–Dan took this photo for me as we were leaving the park on a recent evening.

Apart from just generally liking pictures, I don’t really know much about photography. I really enjoy taking pictures and even more so having them, but I’ve never taken a photography class and I don’t know anything about exposures and lighting and all of that stuff. Digital cameras are great for me because I can just keep fiddling with settings and looking at the outcome until I get the picture the way I want it, but that really only works for stationary objects and only when my patience is surprisingly high and the lighting conditions aren’t too difficult.

Dan has taken classes in the past and really loves photography. We’ve talked about how we’d like to take more pictures and how he in particular would like to start pursing photography as an art form again. If we can find the time and energy to do this (and if we can just remember to bring the damn camera with us when we leave the house!) I think I’ll have him teach me some photography basics. I would love to fill our home with amazing prints and have always thought that great photographs make excellent gifts. We are still waiting to develop some black and white photos from our trip to Europe three summers ago. I need to get on that, I’m sure there are some incredible shots.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

I feel kind of lame having two dog posts in a row, but this one is totally worth it.

Our dog has so much energy. When we first got him back in August he was lively, but a little out of shape. We took him with us on runs. We raced him around the park. We pretty much busted his butt and turned him into the leanest, fittest canine you’ve ever seen. The only problem is that on days when he doesn’t get to run, or his walks get cut short by ridiculously bad weather, he bubbles over with energy and his otherwise medium frame feels like a bull charging through our small apartment.

On those days, either Dan or I will challenge Ty to a wrestling match.

Check out Monday’s fight.

I’d like to think both sides displayed a valiant effort, but in the end, I was defeated.

Meanwhile, in a different part of the apartment, Maggs waged his own war.

Bath Time

Sunday night, Dan and I gave the dog a bath. This was the first time we have bathed him since he was groomed in August. He was really starting to stink. Thank god he’s such a calm and patient dog because washing him in the bathtub was hard enough with him just standing there trembling. He only really tried to escape once and honestly, I couldn’t blame him.

The experience of bathing him was not very much fun, but his wet, crinkled post-bath hair was adorable and hilarious.

Check out that crimped mane!

He hated the bath, but I think he was happy to be clean.

Weekend in Philly

I guess I’m still recovering. I don’t know if it was a weekend of travel and socializing that has me feeling so tired or if it is the depressingly gray, cold and windy weather we’ve been having these past few days. I’m exhausted, though.

We drove up to Philadelphia Saturday morning to spend the weekend with some friends and watch the Michigan-Michigan State football game. Things did not go our way football-wise, but that’s par for the course this season. The drive up was a nightmare. It was rainy and the wind on the highway forced me to grip the steering wheel tighter than I would have liked. Our directions were wonky and ridiculous and put us onto about 20 miles worth of road with constant stop lights and heavy traffic. Somehow though, even though I was driving and even though right at the very end of the trip we ended up taking a wrong turn that put us out of our way, Dan and I managed to get through the drive without really fighting. I was pretty proud of that.

It was a pretty relaxing time, really. We went into the city for the 3:30 football game and watched at a bar surrounded by fellow alumni.

The rest of the night we just stayed in–it was so gross outside–ordered Indian food–which was delicious–and watched TV. Everyone else fell asleep on the couch.

I stayed awake, which is probably why I’m still so tired.

Sunday morning, Dan and I left Steve and Alyssa’s place and drove back into the city to meet my friend Maisy for lunch. It was a much nicer day. Cool, but sunny. She’s a Vet student at UPenn and lives down in an amazing neighborhood near the Vet school. We got takeout Ethiopian food and sat on a bench in a park to eat. It was great to just relax and catch up and hear how her life has been going. I also love seeing where my friends live now and taking mental notes for decorating future apartments, as well as adding cities to future job searches.

Our view driving into the city.

Me and Maisy at the park where we ate lunch.

All in all we had a really wonderful time, but I still feel like I could have used a day of relaxation to recover from my relaxing weekend.

Photo I Adore

Mom and Dad, dancing at my wedding (May, 2008)

Tote-ally Cute

Most women my age carry real or knock-off versions of designer handbags. I think those bags tend to look more like skinned marsupials than actual purses, but we all have our own tastes. I prefer to carry tote bags; call it a masochistic urge to search endlessly for my car keys as I stand outside in the rain. I like nice, canvas totes. They can hold everything I need, plus a book for when I get bored and I never have to worry about matching my bag to my outfit because all of my tote bags are neutral colors. I don’t have particularly prissy or high end style and I just need something the cat can lie against without me having to worry about scratch marks.

I really like the totes on Mis Nopales Art‘s Etsy store. They are so cute and simplistic. I think I might pick out a few to give to some friends as Christmas gifts, try to spread the tote love!

I especially like this raccoon one. It makes me think of what Mary Poppins would look like if she were a raccoon who had just gone fishing. I also like that the fish appears to be smiling even though he’s about to be dinner.

Cracking Crabs and Watching Baseball

image by taelcat image by taelcat

At least once a year Dan’s company has leftover steamed crabs from functions held at the stadium where he works. Yesterday was one of those times. We went over to his co-worker’s house, lugging with us any pots and pans we had at our place that could be used for steaming. When you re-steam crabs–which are already caked in delicious Old Bay–you inevitably lose some of the flavor. The crab meat dries out a little bit and becomes sort of flaky. It can be harder than usual to dig the meat out of the shells. But it’s still so worth it! The whole experience of eating crabs–especially when done in the comfort of a living room–feels so uniquely Maryland.

We ate crabs, drank beer and watched Game 1 of the World Series. Not bad for a Wednesday night.

Photo I Adore

Baby Maggs, circa July 2007

Person I Adore

Happy Birthday to my longtime friend Cara! She’s 23 today and stuck writing a paper that’s due tomorrow. As someone whose birthday always fell right smack in the middle of finals period during college, I feel her pain.

I have so many amazing pictures that Cara and I have taken over the years, but none of them were digital.

Oh well. Sweaty and drunk will have to suffice. Cheers!

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