Midday Walk

Bye, Bye Autumn by algo

I took Ty for a walk today during my lunch hour. It is such a beautiful day–mid-50s, with a great breeze and lots of sun. The leaves have started to fall in our neighborhood and the wind was kicking them up around us as we walked. It is always my luck that I don’t have a camera on me during moments that would make the best pictures. Red and yellow leaves swirling around Ty’s big reddish-golden head was the stuff of picture perfection. It was great to get outside, feel the sun, breath deeply and just forget about the office and work for a little while. I get so tired sitting at my desk all day, so it was great to move my legs and be active. Dan and I were both complaining yesterday that by the time we get home from work and ready to head out for a run, it’s already getting dark. I love autumn–the weather is the best it will be all year–but I’m not a fan of diminishing daylight. I think I may have to make the lunch hour walk a weekly thing, at least while it is still warm enough to be enjoyable. I’m sure Ty will appreciate it.


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