Cracking Crabs and Watching Baseball

image by taelcat image by taelcat

At least once a year Dan’s company has leftover steamed crabs from functions held at the stadium where he works. Yesterday was one of those times. We went over to his co-worker’s house, lugging with us any pots and pans we had at our place that could be used for steaming. When you re-steam crabs–which are already caked in delicious Old Bay–you inevitably lose some of the flavor. The crab meat dries out a little bit and becomes sort of flaky. It can be harder than usual to dig the meat out of the shells. But it’s still so worth it! The whole experience of eating crabs–especially when done in the comfort of a living room–feels so uniquely Maryland.

We ate crabs, drank beer and watched Game 1 of the World Series. Not bad for a Wednesday night.

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