Tote-ally Cute

Most women my age carry real or knock-off versions of designer handbags. I think those bags tend to look more like skinned marsupials than actual purses, but we all have our own tastes. I prefer to carry tote bags; call it a masochistic urge to search endlessly for my car keys as I stand outside in the rain. I like nice, canvas totes. They can hold everything I need, plus a book for when I get bored and I never have to worry about matching my bag to my outfit because all of my tote bags are neutral colors. I don’t have particularly prissy or high end style and I just need something the cat can lie against without me having to worry about scratch marks.

I really like the totes on Mis Nopales Art‘s Etsy store. They are so cute and simplistic. I think I might pick out a few to give to some friends as Christmas gifts, try to spread the tote love!

I especially like this raccoon one. It makes me think of what Mary Poppins would look like if she were a raccoon who had just gone fishing. I also like that the fish appears to be smiling even though he’s about to be dinner.


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