Weekend in Philly

I guess I’m still recovering. I don’t know if it was a weekend of travel and socializing that has me feeling so tired or if it is the depressingly gray, cold and windy weather we’ve been having these past few days. I’m exhausted, though.

We drove up to Philadelphia Saturday morning to spend the weekend with some friends and watch the Michigan-Michigan State football game. Things did not go our way football-wise, but that’s par for the course this season. The drive up was a nightmare. It was rainy and the wind on the highway forced me to grip the steering wheel tighter than I would have liked. Our directions were wonky and ridiculous and put us onto about 20 miles worth of road with constant stop lights and heavy traffic. Somehow though, even though I was driving and even though right at the very end of the trip we ended up taking a wrong turn that put us out of our way, Dan and I managed to get through the drive without really fighting. I was pretty proud of that.

It was a pretty relaxing time, really. We went into the city for the 3:30 football game and watched at a bar surrounded by fellow alumni.

The rest of the night we just stayed in–it was so gross outside–ordered Indian food–which was delicious–and watched TV. Everyone else fell asleep on the couch.

I stayed awake, which is probably why I’m still so tired.

Sunday morning, Dan and I left Steve and Alyssa’s place and drove back into the city to meet my friend Maisy for lunch. It was a much nicer day. Cool, but sunny. She’s a Vet student at UPenn and lives down in an amazing neighborhood near the Vet school. We got takeout Ethiopian food and sat on a bench in a park to eat. It was great to just relax and catch up and hear how her life has been going. I also love seeing where my friends live now and taking mental notes for decorating future apartments, as well as adding cities to future job searches.

Our view driving into the city.

Me and Maisy at the park where we ate lunch.

All in all we had a really wonderful time, but I still feel like I could have used a day of relaxation to recover from my relaxing weekend.


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