Patterson Park Pagoda–Dan took this photo for me as we were leaving the park on a recent evening.

Apart from just generally liking pictures, I don’t really know much about photography. I really enjoy taking pictures and even more so having them, but I’ve never taken a photography class and I don’t know anything about exposures and lighting and all of that stuff. Digital cameras are great for me because I can just keep fiddling with settings and looking at the outcome until I get the picture the way I want it, but that really only works for stationary objects and only when my patience is surprisingly high and the lighting conditions aren’t too difficult.

Dan has taken classes in the past and really loves photography. We’ve talked about how we’d like to take more pictures and how he in particular would like to start pursing photography as an art form again. If we can find the time and energy to do this (and if we can just remember to bring the damn camera with us when we leave the house!) I think I’ll have him teach me some photography basics. I would love to fill our home with amazing prints and have always thought that great photographs make excellent gifts. We are still waiting to develop some black and white photos from our trip to Europe three summers ago. I need to get on that, I’m sure there are some incredible shots.


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