Photo I Adore

Even though you can totally see my pores and all of my skin imperfections, I absolutely love this photo. It’s the small, easily ignored things that can so often take a photograph from ordinary to amazing. Reflected in the plastic of my water bottle is the Notre Dame Cathedral. So small, but so incredibly cool.

Dan and I took a three week trip to Europe a few summers ago. We stopped in Paris for a few days on our way from Spain to Italy. We were resting on the plaza in front of the Notre Dame when this photo was taken.  Having visited the Louvre and L’Orangerie museums earlier that day, our feet were tired from too much walking. The Paris sun was quite hot by mid-afternoon and I needed a drink of water.

I’d like to claim that this was just a coincidence, a lucky shot snapped when I paused to take a drink. I guess it sort of was. Dan noticed the reflection as I was drinking, but I actually had to pose here so that he could take the picture.


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