Election Day, Take 2

I can’t really relax today. I’m trying to concentrate and get some work done and just ignore the fact that later tonight we’ll find out who our next president is going to be, but I can’t. My legs are restless. My feet are bouncing. My thoughts are all over the place and I just feel nervous. It is strange to think that this campaign season has finally come to an end. I kind of felt like it would never get here. Like time would just slow down and eventually halt and we’d never get to just vote already.

But now that Election Day is here (and despite the fact that I’ve already voted) I’m terrified. I remember sitting in my boyfriend’s (now husband) apartment in 2004 and feeling completely heartbroken and lifeless as I watched CNN project a Bush victory. That was the first presidential election that I could vote in and though I didn’t love Kerry, I would have given anything to see Bush lose. It’s hard to feel so empowered one moment and so incredibly helpless the next. I fear that that’s what Democrats have coming for us this year. Obama’s candidacy has been so built up. He’s been larger than life for months now. I can’t help but fear that it will all come crashing down tonight and we’ll learn the hard way that dreams aren’t the same as reality. I am trying to be optimistic, but my basic nature is getting the worst of me.

In an effort to keep hope alive for as long as possible, I’ve searched flickr for positive images of Obama. My favorites are below. Enjoy!

image by Delta Niner

image by Delta Niner

image by enrguerrero

image by enrguerrero

image by Ben Heine

image by Ben Heine

image by racoles

image by racoles

image by i5prof

image by i5prof


1 Comment

  1. November 4 2008 at 4:02 pm

    Amazing stuff, thanks so much.

    Check out Obama on the Arts:


    We can do this.

    Yes we can.

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