Claire Voyance

Claire Voyance

I came across these prints by artandghosts that are available on Etsy. A few of them remind me of the sort of thing I’d see in a gin and tonic induced nightmare, but there are some I’d hang above my bed today if only I had the money to spare. I love that although they are all a bit dark and haunting, the colors are so vibrant and the mood of each print is quite whimsical.  I could imagine them as illustrations in a children’s book, the sort of thing I remember from story books with glossy pages; I felt like I could reach into the pictures and smudge the paint with my thumb.

They are the sort images that I envision floating around in the mind of a man like Roald Dahl. Tales of miraculous places and characters. Scenes that leave you marveling at the wonder of human imagination.

I have been kicking around the idea of attempting to write a children’s book for a while now. My sister is a very imaginative artist and I’ve always wanted to collaborate with her on a meaningful project. But school and work and living far apart have held me back from asking. Perhaps once she has graduated, or once her summer break arrives we could discuss the possibility of such a project. Until then I must simply be content to look at pictures such as these and let my mind fill up with wondrous story ideas.


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  1. voyance said,

    September 3 2010 at 4:37 pm

    I really like the pictures you use for your blog, very deep and beautiful. In fact, the first one “claire voyance” is really special, I love that one. There is some Botero and some other paint inspiration. I like it!

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