Inspiration: Fall Colors

img_2874One of the things I miss most about living in Michigan is fall. People always turn to upstate New York as epitomizing the beauty of autumn. Maybe that’s true, but Michigan really deserves more praise than it gets. There is a wonderful crispness to fall in Michigan. The weather is perhaps a bit too cold and the wind a little too strong. But when you step outside, everything smells like autumn. The smell soaks into your sweater and your hair. It follows you into your home. It seeps into your pillow and when you wake up in the morning, it smells like autumn. I miss that. Plus the leaves. The leaves are beautiful in Michigan–fiery and bright. Vibrant reds and oranges really pop against the sky on clear fall days.

We don’t get that here in Maryland. The leaves change and some reds and oranges creep in, but mostly the ground is carpeted in spotty yellow and crunchy brown leaves. I went out on Sunday, to the park down the street from our house to look for trees that reminded me of a Michigan fall. It was a beautiful day. The wind was strong, but not too cold. The air was crisp, but not in a way that made you shiver down to the marrow of your bones. I took the dog along and went we traipsing through the brush and dried leaves, pausing to take in the few bright colors I could find.

img_2909 img_2875

img_2888 img_2915

img_2878 img_2896



1 Comment

  1. Allen Chang said,

    October 26 2010 at 9:43 am

    These pictures are just beautiful.

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