Yogi Wisdom

That’s Yogi Tea, not Yogi Berra.

When the weather gets cold (and honestly even when it is still hot out) I really love to drink tea in the evening after we’ve finished dinner. It is very comforting and relaxing, sipping the hot liquid from a wide-rimmed mug and having the steam hit my face.

I asked Dan to pick up some decaf chai tea on his way home one night because all of the caffeinated stuff I had at home was making my sleep pretty restless. He came back with Yogi Chai Redbush because it was the only decaf chai he could find in the grocery store. The tea is really quite good, but what I like best is that each tea bag comes with at little quotation or pearl of wisdom attached the end of the string. They always seem to be dead on and perfect for me too.

The other night, I got this:

To learn, read.

To know, write.

To master, teach.

It made me smile.


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