Clever Girl, Sort Of

I was just thinking the other day that I could really stand to get a couple of photo boxes for all of the extra prints I have lying around. Right now I just have them sitting inside desk drawers and the last time I pulled some of them out, I noticed that they were starting to curl. I don’t know if a box would actually stop the curling, but either way it is high time I get them out of my desk and into a place that is better for storage.

Do you know what are really expensive? Photo storage boxes. It’s ridiculous. I decided the heck with that and picked up some nice floral design wrapping paper while I was at the grocery store today. I’ve got tons of old shoe boxes lying around and if I dress them up with a bit of colorful, pretty paper I can easily use those for photo storage and actually move the boxes out of my closet and onto shelves to add a bit of color and decoration to our bedroom.

Sometimes the smallest ideas feel like the biggest victories.


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