New Look: Trunk

My second project of the day was to do something with the trunk I’ve had since I first started college. When I headed off to school, I needed something that would hold a lot of stuff, but not take up too much space in a dorm room. While this trunk has always served me well, it’s a hideously ugly eyesore and has “I bought this piece of crap for college” written all over it. I’ve tried covering it with decorative cloths, but they always manage to slide off and end up in a pile on the floor.

I didn’t have the energy to give it a full overhaul, but decided to do something about the top surface and make the trunk more functional by filling it with extra pillows and blankets and positioning it at the foot of the bed.

img_2932Here it is before, in all it’s gray hideousness.

I used a thicker paper that I got from Michael’s to line the edges and then applied some floral wrapping paper to the center. To disguise my inability to cut in a straight line, I covered the edges of the wrapping paper with strips of white ribbon.




I think it is a dramatic improvement!


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