New Look: Photo Boxes

Yesterday was a big time crafts day for me. I finished a bunch of projects and even got most of the way through rearranging our bedroom/study areas (we are trying to limit the amount of furniture placed against the wall because the cat likes to stand on it and knock down all our pictures!).

It was quite cold and windy yesterday, so I was completely happy to plop down on the floor, pop in my favorite movie and get going on those photo storage boxes I talked about the other day.


I took some old shoe boxes I had lying around. Just a little colorful wrapping paper, some Scotch tape and honestly, a bit of headache later and…


img_2960I already filled one with a bunch of old poems and story notes and another with envelopes that we had piled up on a shelf. There’s more room in the closet now with some of these boxes out of the way and they are adding a nice bit of color to the bookshelves in our study. I’m pretty pleased with the result.


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