Hiking Diamond Head (Aka, My Feet Are Sore)

img_3086View of Diamond Head Crater from the beach outside our hotel. It is rather massive.

We woke up at 5 am to hike to the summit of Diamond Head in time to catch the sunrise at 7. Dan said it would be an approximately two mile walk to the entrance of the trail leading up the crater. He was wrong. I think it was closer to four–we ended up running a portion of it to ensure we made it to the top on time, and we did.

The view was stunning. Many times in my life, I’ve been awake before the sun was up, and though I was aware of the gradual shift from night to day, I’m not sure I’ve ever really seen the sun creep up above the horizon. It was certainly one of those experiences that you have from time to time that makes you realize how fantastic it is to be alive. How wonderful it is to witness such natural beauty. I looked at Dan as we stood at the very top of the now dormant volcano and thought, “today will be a good day.”

I was right.

A little info about Diamond Head:

Diamond Head is known in Hawaiian as Le’ahi meaning “brow (lea) of the yellowfin tuna (ahi).” It got its English name in the late 1700’s when British seamen saw calcite crystals sparkling in the sunshine and thought they had found diamonds. Geologically it is a cinder cone formed by a series of explosive eruptions over 150,000 years ago.

img_3189 img_3174

img_3194 img_3199

img_31361img_3136img_3218img_3237This one is looking out over Waikiki

Here we are at the top!

Here we are at the top!

And here's one small glimpse of what it took to get there!

And here's one small glimpse of what it took to get there!


1 Comment

  1. Rhonda said,

    December 9 2008 at 10:07 am

    These are magnificent photos. Thank you for posting them.

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