Damn You Penny Pinching!

I’m starting school again on Tuesday (aka, Obama’s Inauguration Day). Day 1 of a 12 month program in massage therapy training. I am exceedingly excited. The courses are a nice mixture of hands-on body work and reading and discussion sessions. I’m actually looking forward to studying again. I’m surprisingly not nervous about how much anatomy and physiology I’ll be required to learn. I actually love school and have really missed it since graduating from college in April of 2007. This won’t be quite the same–it’s not like going to grad school (which I plan to do in the future) and it’s certainly not a return to undergrad. The program only accepts 10 students per session, but actually averages about 4. There’s only one classroom, housed within a building full of other offices. It’s all about massage therapy–the practice, the history, the philosophy, the business. All of it focused solely on the massage therapy field. But like any other school program, it ain’t cheap! It’s nowhere near the cost of a four-year college program, but the year’s-worth of tuition is still forcing me and my husband to cut back on any unnecessary spending.

And thus, I will not be purchasing anything from the fantastic online sale I came across on the New York & Company website today. But if I did have the money to spare, I would have strongly considered any of the following:

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