Row Row Row Your House


image by goddesslike63 via Flickr

image by goddesslike63 via Flickr

My husband introduced me to this blog from a fellow Baltimore City resident who is in the process of beautifully renovating his rowhome. We don’t have the skills, the money or the energy to do this kind of renovation, but I so wish we did. Instead, we are faced with the conundrum that every middle income, young couple buying a home for the first time in Baltimore most likely faces: do we get an amazingly renovated rowhome in what would be deemed “an emerging neighborhood”? 

If you’ve never been to Baltimore, all you need to know is this: it changes block to block. One street can be lined with beautiful homes and fantastic trees and feel incredibly safe and inviting, while the next street over is dirty and desolate and a little bit scary. So the question becomes: do you buy a beautiful house on one of the good blocks, even if it is right down the road from one of the bad ones? We haven’t chosen our answer yet.


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