Inspiration Friday: Love You Edition

dsc_6587_2Last night, I felt very lonely. My husband is out of town and whenever he is gone (even if it’s only for a short time) I end up missing him more than I probably should. I dropped him off at the airport yesterday and my heart sank a little as I drove away. I was watching TV last night and turned at one point to tell him something–the show triggered a memory of a story from earlier in the week–but, of course, he wasn’t there. I told the dog instead, but he just panted a bit and wagged his tail. Not quite the same.

So today I’m feeling inspired by all the little ways in which my husband has improved my life. Miss you Dan!

-He introduced me to Matzoh Brei, which is delicious and served as both my breakfast and my lunch today. That’s right, I made a ton of it.

-He helped me develop a love for running, which is a handy way to burn off the calories gained from eating a gluttonous amount of Matzoh Brei.

-He’s responsible for my ability to feel ecstatic about the Tigers leading the Rangers 15-2 right now in the top of the 9th. And he’s also responsible for my caring enough to actually follow the game so closely on Game Tracker.

-Whenever I’m walking to my car in the morning to head off to work and I pass by his car on the street, I can’t help but smile and it gets my day started on a happy note.

-I slept in one of his sweatshirts because I’m a total scaredy-cat about being alone in the city at night. Even though the sweatshirt was too warm to be truly comfortable, it made me feel safer and I slept better than I would have without it.

-Because I know he’ll read this post and even though it’s totallly cheesy and sappy, he’ll love it anyway and think that I am cute. Plus he’ll probably blush while reading it and thinking about that makes me smile.

Have a happy weekend!


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