It Was A Very Good Year


This is just a special shout out to my lovely husband! We had a busy, but exciting and worthwhile first year. Love you Dan!

Help Me Pick The Perfect Accessories

Last week was a crazy week that involved a lot of house organization and long weekend trip back to Michigan to attend a wedding. Also, on Monday, my husband and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. We marked the occasion with a 9.5 hour car ride from Michigan back home to Baltimore. It was more tiring than romantic, but at least we were together!

Now that I’m back and nearly done with my move, I’m really going to do my best to settle into a more regular blogging schedule. May has been a hectic month and I’m really hoping June ends up being more laid back. Fingers crossed.

Moving on…

At the beginning of July, I will be attending the second of the two weddings I was invited to this year. I have my outfit all picked out and ready to go (as I originally thought I’d be wearing it to the wedding this past Sunday) but have had some difficulty finding jewelry to match.

I am going to wear a dress that is the same basic shape and cut as the black dress pictured below, but with a pattern that closely resembles that of the blouse. My shoes are the lovely green ones pictured and I have been searching for the perfect jewelry to compliment the shoes.

Picture 10

The dress is from New York and Company and the shoes are Nine West.

Here are some of the pieces I’ve found on Etsy that I think could work nicely, but I just can’t seem to make up my mind about any of them. They’re all so beautiful. Feel free to give me your thoughts in the comments; I could really use some help. Thanks!


Necklaces (clockwise from top left): shellisxena; hopesart; sElegant; simpleelementsdesign

Earrings (clockwise from top right): caseykeith; SilverStreak; DvoraSchleffer; ArdentDesigns; BlueberryCream

Bracelets (left to right): sandradan; 123Gemstones

Love It Monday

Love It Monday is a feature geared toward getting the week started on a positive note.

This Monday I’m loving:

My Coffee Mug (which is full of chai tea!)


Inspiration Friday: Octopus’ Garden Edition

by Susie via Flickr

by Susie via Flickr

My new house has a backyard. I suppose backyard is generous as it is just a small deck that looks out over a concrete slab that we had the seller surround with a nice wooden privacy fence, but it’s still something and I’m looking forward to turning it into an urban garden of sorts. This isn’t a project that I’m ready to tackle right now and it will likely be an ongoing endeavor for a few months, but today I’m feeling inspired by the idea of sitting outside on a cool summer evening in the beauty of my own garden. It’s a pretty exciting prospect.

Wear Today

Oy Vey! It has been a long week. I’m looking forward to going out tonight, having a couple of light, refreshing drinks and just relaxing and letting loose. The new house is coming along and I’ve got a big weekend of organization and cleaning ahead of me. But tonight, I’m planning to kick up my heels and have some fun.

Happy Friday!

Picture 3

This week, I went with items that were both cute and affordable. The best part is that I actually own these shoes and will be wearing them tonight!

Shoes: Nine West $49.99

Top: Wet Seal $21.50

Pants: Gap $44.99

Earrings: $26.80

Happy Birthday

Even though more entries will greatly reduce my chances of winning any of these fabulous giveaways, I highly recommend you head over to The City Sage and check out all of the incredible treats in the Birthday Week Giveaway. It is such a great blog and all of the giveaways so far have offered up some really fantastic stuff! All of the giveaways are open through Sunday evening, so head on over there and get commenting!

Happy Birthday to The City Sage!

DIY Projects I Adore

Maybe once my husband and I are settled into the new house and the stress of moving and organizing has fully worn off, I’ll give these do-it-yourself projects a try.

(All via Design*Sponge)

An adorable clock:

A great way to use that Ikea silverware that I don’t need anymore:

A perfect place to display my many teas:

Have any great DIY design projects that you are aching to do? I’d love to hear them!

Love It “Monday”

On this Wednesday edition of Love It Monday, I’m loving:

Smart Decisions

I picked out this skirt for my birthday last month and today is my first time wearing it. It is so incredibly cute and comfortable!

City Knit Maxi Skirt from New York and Company

Programming Note

My husband and I are in the process of moving into our new (and first!) house and it is totally kicking my ass. Moving is exhausting and we were without internet up through last night. These are my excuses for the total lack of blogging. The boxes are getting unpacked, though, and the house is coming together; I’m starting to feel less stressed. I woke up early this morning and did some exercise (another thing that has been painfully neglected during this move) and that really helped me feel rejuvenated and excited for the day.

Anyway, this is my apology for the extended absence and a promise to get back to the regular blogging ASAP! I will be making it my priority to get some things up this week, including a Wednesday edition of Love It Monday. I’ll also have my second Wear Today going up before the end of the work week. I’m going to make my husband take me out Friday night for a nice, relaxing date/break from moving and will be posting an ideal Wear Today outfit for that occasion. I’ll also be sure to get Inspiration Friday up this week and will hopefully have a few more post of things I adore–it will be nice to focus on some positive stuff for a while! Also, I will be updating my 2009 Books and Movies list sometime soon. I haven’t read anything this year apart from massage therapy books, but I have seen a bunch of movies that need to be added, some of which I highly recommend.

For now, I leave you with this:

As I was driving to work today, I listened to an interview on NPR wherein Steve Luxenberg discussed his book Annie’s Ghost: A Journey Into A Family Secret.

From Amazon:

Beth Luxenberg was an only child. Everyone knew it: her grown children, her friends, even people she’d only recently met. So when her secret emerged, her son Steve Luxenberg was bewildered. He was certain that his mother had no siblings, just as he knew that her name was Beth, and that she had raised her children, above all, to tell the truth.

By then, Beth was nearly eighty, and in fragile health. While seeing a new doctor, she had casually mentioned a disabled sister, sent away at age two. For what reason? Was she physically disabled? Mentally ill? The questions were dizzying, the answers out of reach. Beth had said she knew nothing of her sister’s fate.

Six months after Beth’s death in 1999, the secret surfaced once more. This time, it had a name: Annie.

Steve Luxenberg began digging. As he dug, he uncovered more and more. His mother’s name wasn’t Beth. His aunt hadn’t been two when she’d been hospitalized. She’d been twenty-one; his mother had been twenty-three. The sisters had grown up together. Annie had spent the rest of her life in a mental institution, while Beth had set out to hide her sister’s existence. Why?

Employing his skills as a journalist while struggling to maintain his empathy as a son, Luxenberg pieces together the story of his mother’s motivations, his aunt’s unknown life, and the times in which they lived. His search takes him to imperial Russia and Depression-era Detroit, through the Holocaust in Ukraine and the Philippine war zone, and back to the hospitals where Annie and many others were lost to memory.

Combining the power of reportage with the intrigue of mystery, Annie’s Ghosts explores the nature of self-deception and self-preservation. The result is equal parts memoir, social history, and riveting detective story.

The interview really made me want to read this book. It sounds at once fascinating and immensensly sad.

Have a great Tuesday!

Want A Chance To Win Free Stuff?

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