Feeling Bored?

It’s Wednesday again. 



A story about working for your boyfriend, as part of a foreclosure clean up crew. Talk about a modern day love story! 

Speaking of matters of the heart: seems like the jury’s still out on the effects of marathon running.



Give a bespectacled friend a lovely handmade gift this year. 

From Design*Sponge


Say hello to fall with some Sweet Potato, Okra and Chickpea Gumbo from FatFree Vegan Kitchen. 



All the Single Babies


YouTube’s Greatest Hits (which turns out to be mostly people falling and cats, dogs and babies doing funny stuff; it’s enjoyable four minutes, though)

Listen Up {Elliott Smith}

I’m feeling a little agitated and low today. I find that Elliott Smith calms me. 

Things That Aren’t Good, But People Like Them Anyway

The Fray. 

Why is this band famous? I blame medical dramas


Also, Chili Waffle Fries. Less is more, people. Stop trying to ruin Waffle Fries.

Feeling Bored? [Go Bald or Go Home]

Another Wednesday, another afternoon of killing time. 



Rev up your creative brain by reading some original fiction in The New Yorker.



Photographer Ami Sioux is releasing a follow up to her book REYKJAVIK 64°08N 21°54W. For her second book in the series, PARIS 48°50N 2°23E, Sioux asked fifty Paris residents to hand draw maps to the places and areas of the city that were most meaningful or important in their lives. Sioux’s photographs of these destinations are definitely worth a look. 

Get ready for cooler weather with this gorgeous collection of handmade scarves by Bossy Boots Design. 



Miss Virginia makes good on her promise to go bald for charity. [Video at bottom of article.]

And speaking of bald, it’s Jason Alexander’s birthday, which is only exciting because it’s a good excuse to watch some Seinfeld reruns. 

So Diablo Cody is set to write and produce a film adaptation of Sweet Valley High. Instead of going back and rereading all those books, just check out some old episodes of the admittedly crappy, but somehow still enjoyable television show. 

Hopefully, Cody’s film adaptation will be less like the old  Sweet Valley show and way more like Gossip Girl, because the old show is, well, cheesy, whereas Gossip Girl is a bit like soft core porn that you can watch on network television. 

Say Hello To The Weekend

Every Friday, I’m going to attempt to post some fun links and videos as we transition into the weekend. 

This weekend, I’m waking up super early on Saturday morning to go for a 9 mile training run, then I’m joining my husband at Rosh Hashanah services and from there we’ll be heading straight to an alumni bar to watch the University of Michigan football game. On Sunday, I have eight hours of class. Boo. 

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the links and other fun stuff below!


Brief Interviews With Hideous Men hits theaters next Friday, Sept 25, 2009. You can watch a making of featurette on Hulu. John Krasinksi fans, get ready to get your sqee on. 


In preparation for the return of House on Monday, Sept. 21 (on Fox, 8 pm), check out these old comedy clips of a young Hugh Laurie. 


Prepare to be immensely jealous when you see Joanna Goddard’s (A Cup of Jo) honeymoon photos. I want to go to there


Get ready for some gorgeous fall evenings by adding a few of these wine bottle torches to your backyard porch or terrace. 


Or just spend your weekend being swept away by these beautiful photos from buttonmoOon.


I updated my 2009 Books and Movies page. I haven’t read nearly as many books this year as I would have liked, but I suppose that’s mostly because I’m not counting any of the stuff I’ve read for school. I fell way behind in writing up the movies I have seen, but have it all caught up now–which was pretty exhausting but also kind of fun. I didn’t include any of the movies that I saw in the theater (which totals to maybe 2 or 3 on the year and I can’t even remember what they were) and only counted the movies that I actually got on DVD from Netflix. There are some other movies that my husband and I watched online that I haven’t included yet, but I’ll add them to the list at some point. 

My take so far on the movies I’ve watched this year: 

Biggest Waste of My Time: Charlie Bartlett

Best Movie I’ve Seen This Year: It’s a toss up between The Reader and I’ve Loved You So Long. 

This weekend I’m watching: Either Catch Me If You Can or Eagle Eye. Those are the two Netflix movie we have right now. 

Got any good suggestions for me? Put them in the comments!

Dear Radio, We Need To Talk

I turned on the radio while driving to work this morning and the first song to come on was Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody. No big surprise there, since that song is constantly being played on the radio. It’s not a bad song and two months and 748379483923 listens ago, I even kind of enjoyed it. But I’ve grown weary of hearing it, so I changed the station. And what song greeted me on this new station? Why yes, it was Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody. Immensely irritating, but again, not all that surprising since that damn track is about as omnipresent as oxygen. 

So I changed the channel again, only to find Sex on Fire, also by Kings of Leon. That’s enough! I can’t even name a freaking third Kings of Leon song, but I feel like I’ve heard these two songs more times in my life than I’ve heard my own name. 

You know what I ended up listening to, radio? Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman, by Bryan Adams. BRYAN ADAMS! That’s how I started my morning! You disgust me, radio. 

I’m thoroughly disgusted. 


[Note: if you are my mother you are probably thinking “Why didn’t you just turn off the radio?” Get out of here with your logic and reasonable solutions.]

Back In My Day…

After posting about the Fantastic Mr. Fox clip yesterday, I got to thinking about some of the other books I loved as a child that are now being turned into movies. 

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs


Where the Wild Things Are

(*I love the use of Arcade Fire as the music for this trailer. Pure win.)


It is strange to think about the books of my youth becoming the movies of someone else’s. I wonder if kids will still grow up reading these stories, or if the movies will effectively replace the books. Instead of reading Where the Wild Things Are, you’ll just watch it. It will be like Winnie-the-Pooh, whose adorable bear self is plastered all over kids stuff from sheets and sleeping bags to backpacks and pencils. How many kids do you think still read the original stories that were published back in 1926, though? I don’t think I ever did, but I most certainly watched the cartoon. 

It’s a sad thought, but I suppose this is the way things go. On the plus side, thinking about the kids’ movies of today afforded me a nice opportunity to reminiscence about some of the movies I really loved when I was growing up. 

Animated Disney movies like Aladdin and The Lion King. 

Live action films like 3 Ninjas and Blank Check. 

Awesome sports movies: The Sandlot, Rookie of the Year, Angels in the Outfield. 

Stuff with dogs: Beethoven, Homeward Bound (which was also a largely forgotten and very good book). 


Seriously, how awesome was 3 Ninjas?

Feeling Bored?

Wednesdays can be kind of dull. If you’re like me, by the middle of the week you’ve caught up on pretty much all the work you need to get done, but aren’t feeling nearly motivated enough to get started on the stuff you have coming up. 

If you’re looking to kill a little time on this typical, boring Wednesday, I offer the following suggestions:



Check out TV Guide’s Emmy predictions. I don’t plan on watching the show, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for a Neil Patrick Harris win. The comments on the prediction post are an added bonus, mostly because I find it positively hilarious when people talk about liking Two and a Half Men. That show is about as good as Everybody Loves Raymond; which is to say, not at all. 

Lack of sex bringing you down? Apparently this woman can help. She’s a sexual surrogate, which is basically a prostitute, only legal and more instructional, I suppose. If your man (or woman) is not satisfying you in bed, you can pay this woman to sleep with him (or her). Sounds like a great idea and not at all a ridiculous way to spend your money. 

Since I don’t have cable, I’m very thankful to Jennifer Eolin for her very funny and informative Project Runway recaps. 


These photographic stories from Brenda Ann Kenneally are fantastic. Definitely watch with the sound on. If you see only one, go with Goldie (in the Pictures of my Neighborhood section). It packs an emotional punch.

If you love Roald Dahl (you’d be an idiot not to) you’ll probably enjoy this little clip about Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox.



I’ve spent the past couple of workdays making my way through Rilo Kiley’s catalogue on Napster’s free streaming site

I’m really digging this song right now:

But it’s still not as good as this one:

[Note: Youtube is kind of being a bitch today so the videos may have trouble loading.]


Have a happy Wednesday!

It’s Not the Mambo. It’s A Feeling; A Heartbeat

The cynic in me hates to admit that I got a little choked up upon hearing the news of Patrick Swayze’s death last night. Dirty Dancing came out in 1987, which made me all of 2 years old when Swayze first told the world that nobody puts Baby in a corner, but all the same, it was one of those movies that I watched countless times at countless childhood sleepovers. It was a defining movie for me as a young girl. It is one of the first movies I can recall really, truly loving and wanting to see over and over again. One of the few “chick flicks” that I can watch to this day and enjoy wholeheartedly without feeling any twinge of embarrassment or foolishness. It’s not so much that Dirty Dancing is not deserving of such twinges, but that I feel connected to it in such a visceral way that I refuse to let intellect and maturation sour my experience of the movie. 

It’s because of the dancing, plain and simple. As silly as it may be, the dancing in that film always filled me with so much joy and excitement. I wanted to learn those dances. The young me was enticed by the sexuality inherent in the movements of their hips, in the energy that flowed between Grey and Swayze when theirs eyes were locked and their legs moved in unison. It is a hokey movie, a cheesy one. It is a movie that takes itself a bit too seriously, pushes the raw energy and sexual intensity of each dance a bit too hard. But compared to the dance entertainment of today (movies like Step Up and shows like So You Think You Can Dance–both of which I enjoy) it’s far more humble in it’s portrayal. In Dirty Dancing, dancing was less about competition and boasting and more about connecting to one’s body and experiencing a physical manifestation of joy and attraction and independence. 

Patrick Swayze may not have been an inspired actor with a resume full of serious films, but he was clearly a man who took great joy from the activities of his life. And it is sad that that life is now gone. 


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