Today In “Funny Things I Read Online”

From *h (the whole tumblog, or whatever the hell they call those things, is quite witty on a regular basis. Definitely check it out.)

Picture 6

Online product reviews are consistently baffling. My favorites always have to do with furniture or shoes. 

“The bookcase was delivered damaged with one shelf missing and only half of the hardware included in the box. After I jury-rigged it together with some fishing wire and duct tape, I was able to place four books and a small picture frame on one of the shelves before the entire structure collapsed, falling forward and knocking me to the ground where I remained crushed and trapped beneath my new bookcase for the next several days, fending off hunger by sucking on a half used cough drop that I caught sight of beneath the living room couch, just in reach of my fingertips. Finally, a neighbor came searching for me and freed me from captivity. The wood is a nice a color.” 3 stars. 

“These are the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn.” 5 stars.


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  1. GrandCards said,

    September 11 2009 at 1:08 pm

    Tonic provided me with added vigor and strength. Head expanded to 6 times normal size, other forms of Gigantism presented. Confined to wheelchair, and can only speak through a computer. Pleasant Cherry flavor. 4 stars.

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