Feeling Bored? [Go Bald or Go Home]

Another Wednesday, another afternoon of killing time. 



Rev up your creative brain by reading some original fiction in The New Yorker.



Photographer Ami Sioux is releasing a follow up to her book REYKJAVIK 64°08N 21°54W. For her second book in the series, PARIS 48°50N 2°23E, Sioux asked fifty Paris residents to hand draw maps to the places and areas of the city that were most meaningful or important in their lives. Sioux’s photographs of these destinations are definitely worth a look. 

Get ready for cooler weather with this gorgeous collection of handmade scarves by Bossy Boots Design. 



Miss Virginia makes good on her promise to go bald for charity. [Video at bottom of article.]

And speaking of bald, it’s Jason Alexander’s birthday, which is only exciting because it’s a good excuse to watch some Seinfeld reruns. 

So Diablo Cody is set to write and produce a film adaptation of Sweet Valley High. Instead of going back and rereading all those books, just check out some old episodes of the admittedly crappy, but somehow still enjoyable television show. 

Hopefully, Cody’s film adaptation will be less like the old  Sweet Valley show and way more like Gossip Girl, because the old show is, well, cheesy, whereas Gossip Girl is a bit like soft core porn that you can watch on network television. 

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