Feeling Bored?

Wednesday afternoon! The work week’s half over! 


Morninggloria’s hilarious area code breakdown or her past hookups had me cracking up at my desk this morning.

Are you a “more intelligent” or “less intelligent” googler

Check Out

The City Sage offers up some beautiful ideas for Thanksgiving table settings. I think this one is my favorite:

If those settings seem a bit too decadent and beyond your price range this year, Apartment Therapy has some tips for a more budget-friendly turkey day

For another way to decorate for the holidays without spending a bunch of your hard earned dough, check out these do-it-yourself wreaths made out of book pages

And while you’re at it, convert those toilet paper rolls into some great wall art.

This is a great idea that I will, unfortunately, never be able to execute. My adorable cat, Maggs, would make quick work of a wall full of thin cardboard. 


This take down of the increasingly popular phrase “No Homo” is terrific. {via Splice Today}

And In Other News

Today is Veterans Day, so be sure to give a big thank you to any vets you know! 

On a more personal note, today is also my mom’s birthday. So happy birthday to my mama, who is the most wonderfully, fabulous woman in the world and hands down the greatest mom anyone could ever have. I love you Mom! Happy Birthday. 


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