Best of The Decade {A Final Roundup}

Well, taking a week off from blogging has certainly left me in a bit of a time crunch as far as my Best of The Decade awards are concerned. So let’s go ahead and get right down to it, which leads me to our:

Best Catch Phrase Turned Colloquialism

That’s What She Said

Best Self-Inflicted Torture


Nothing else on television in the last ten years has made me want to tear my own hair out as often as Lost. What the hell is going on on that damn island!!!!!!!!!!!???????? My god is it entertaining, though.

Best Repeat Fashion Offender From Someone Who Should Know Better

The ’00s saw a lot of celebrity fashion disasters. 2001 was the year Bjork wore that crazy swan dress to the Oscars. Lindsay Lohan waged what felt like a decade-long war on actual pants with her incessant coupling of leggings with long shirts. Christina Aguilera spent many a year looking like a coked-out biker chick floozy. But even with all those disasters and the many more the ’00s had to offer, I give this award to Justin Timberlake.

Now that he’s successfully brought sexy back, I’m sure he looks back on this picture and shakes his head with self pity and admonishment:

If only I could tell him that in another ten years, he’ll be feeling the same way about these stupid glasses he insists on wearing all the time now:

Come on man, you know better than to dress in a perpetual Elvis Costello Halloween costume.

Best Media Franchise

Wow was this a big decade for the franchise movie! Lord of the Rings took home bazillions of Oscars and loads of money. There became such a thing as a “Twihard.” But as much as Lord of the Rings made me want to visit New Zealand and as crazy as those Twilight fans managed to be these last couple of years, the decade’s best media franchise was hands-down, Harry Potter. Six of the movies and the last four books all came out in the past decade. J.K. Rowling went from being some ridiculously poor woman to being rich, rich as Nazis. It made three young Brits into huge international stars. Harry Potter in the last ten years was pure madness.

Finally, just so that I feel like I’ve hit all points of the entertainment industry, my choice for Best Album of the Decade goes to:

Bright Eyes, I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning

The combination of political frustration, personal angst and intense wanderlust made this folk album the perfect soundtrack to coming of age in the last ten years. There isn’t a bad song on the entire album–which is no easy feat–and it’s so fantastically bookended by “At the Bottom of Everything” and “Road to Joy” that you end the album with the same feeling awe you started with. I love it.

Best of The Decade {Internet, What Hast Thou Wrought?}

When LOL Cats were first really starting to make waves, I had the following conversation with my boss’ 15 year-old son. 

Me: What the heck is up with these LOL Cats?
Him: I know, right. Aren’t they hilarious?
Me: Not really. What about them is supposed to be so funny? 
Him: They’re talking cats. 
Me: Okay…
Him: Cats can’t talk. 
Me: Agreed. But why is that funny? 
Him: Because it is funny to think about a cat talking when cats obviously can’t talk. 
Me: But why can’t they spell anything correctly? 
Him: Because they are just cats. 
Me: Okay…
Him: So they obviously don’t know how to spell.
Me: But they don’t know how to talk either. 
Him: Exactly, it’s hilarious. 
Me: But if we are to create a hypothetical situation in which cats can talk, why not also assume that they would know how to spell?
Him: Because they are just cats. 
Me: Okay…
Him: Cats can’t spell. I mean, they don’t even know how to talk. 

This conversation about one of the most pervasive internet memes of the decade is a perfect example of the Best Internet Meme of the Decade: 


Sure, LOL Cats popped up everywhere and people actually had the gall and audacity to adopt the nettlesome language in everyday conversation, either not realizing or not caring that they sounded like some cross between an Alzheimer’s patient and a witless baby. But it was a bit too irritating. Fail, on the other hand, despite its denotation, is full of win. 

So congrats Fail, for defying yourself.

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide {Uzura}

How about some lovely eco-friendly clothing for the holidays? Uzura offers hemp and organic cotton products featuring original screen-printed designs. They look so comfy and meditative. 

Best of The Decade {Dreams, Haunted}

There were an awful lot of movies this past decade that gave me some serious heebie-jeebies. When my family and I watched the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), we had to turn it off less than half way through because it was too damn gruesome. The simple thought of 28 Days Later (2002) still sends a shiver down my spine.

But no movie or single character was more terrifying and nightmare-inducing than my choice for Creepiest Character of the Decade: 

Samara, that wet girl from The Ring (2002)

Congratulations creepy-ass wet girl. You are the reason my husband can no longer watch scary movies, and these pictures alone will probably be enough to keep me from sleeping peacefully tonight. You are scary as hell. 

Handmade Holiday Guide {Besem Natuaral Scents}

Besem Natural Scents sells all-natural palm and beeswax blend candles. With 10% of all profits donated to orphan relief, a Besem Natural Scent pillar candle is a gift that gives twice. What a great way to say Happy Holidays!

Best of the Decade {Dude, Hot}

As the ’00s wind down to a chilly end (at least here in Baltimore) I think it’s about time we begin looking back at the decade that was. What better place to start than with hot men?

And so, I give you my choice for Hot Guy of The Decade:

Matt Damon

This was a big decade for Matt Damon. He got married and had two beautiful babies. He starred in a crap ton of movies. And he transitioned from the cute, but kind of forgettable guy you saw in 1997’s Good Will Hunting, to the ridiculously smoking hot Jason Bourne.

Kudos Mr. Damon. Call me if you want to celebrate. Maybe we can take our shirts off.

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide {Dee’s DeeZigns}

These fantastic handmade bags from Dee’s DeeZigns would be a great new place for all your best friends to lose their car keys. (Seriously, I swear every bag I own is actually a bottomless pit because I can never find my keys, or my chapstick, or my ringing cell phone!)

I love her fabric choices!

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide {Jill MacCorkle Designs}

Check out the gorgeous handmade jewelry at Jill MacCorkle’s Etsy shop. She’s offering 30% off everything in her shop! Happy holidays indeed. 

There’s A Bathroom On The Right

A girlfriend and I went out dancing Friday night and the DJ, of course, played that newish Jay-Z/Alicia Keys song “Empire State of Mind.” This song makes me crazy. It’s not that it is a bad song and it’s definitely catchy and a good dance song; but it has this one line that just drives me nuts. 

At the beginning of the chorus, Alicia Keys sings “New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of…”

What the hell is that? Where dreams are made of? It’s such an awful line and it’s repeated several times during the course of the song. It’s like it’s torturing me. What’s worse is that every time I hear the song, I think she sings “New York, I’ll become what wet dreams are made of.” Seriously. Go listen to the song. That’s what it sounds like. 

I think the city should adopt that message as it’s new motto:

                                     New York

Where you are the source of nocturnal emissions. 

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide {Little Flower Designs}

Little Flower Designs offers beautiful, handmade ceramics that are microwaveable and dishwasher safe. 

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your favorite couple that recently moved into a new apartment or home? 

These tea spoon rests are adorable and decorative. 

This holiday season, tell your mom how much you miss her fantastic home-cooking with this terrific serving platter. 

Or how about a nice tea cup and some delicious tea for your best friend? 

And at only $10 each, you can’t go wrong with these handmade ornaments as a perfect hostess gift for the holiday parties you’ll be attending. 

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