Best of The Decade {A Final Roundup}

Well, taking a week off from blogging has certainly left me in a bit of a time crunch as far as my Best of The Decade awards are concerned. So let’s go ahead and get right down to it, which leads me to our:

Best Catch Phrase Turned Colloquialism

That’s What She Said

Best Self-Inflicted Torture


Nothing else on television in the last ten years has made me want to tear my own hair out as often as Lost. What the hell is going on on that damn island!!!!!!!!!!!???????? My god is it entertaining, though.

Best Repeat Fashion Offender From Someone Who Should Know Better

The ’00s saw a lot of celebrity fashion disasters. 2001 was the year Bjork wore that crazy swan dress to the Oscars. Lindsay Lohan waged what felt like a decade-long war on actual pants with her incessant coupling of leggings with long shirts. Christina Aguilera spent many a year looking like a coked-out biker chick floozy. But even with all those disasters and the many more the ’00s had to offer, I give this award to Justin Timberlake.

Now that he’s successfully brought sexy back, I’m sure he looks back on this picture and shakes his head with self pity and admonishment:

If only I could tell him that in another ten years, he’ll be feeling the same way about these stupid glasses he insists on wearing all the time now:

Come on man, you know better than to dress in a perpetual Elvis Costello Halloween costume.

Best Media Franchise

Wow was this a big decade for the franchise movie! Lord of the Rings took home bazillions of Oscars and loads of money. There became such a thing as a “Twihard.” But as much as Lord of the Rings made me want to visit New Zealand and as crazy as those Twilight fans managed to be these last couple of years, the decade’s best media franchise was hands-down, Harry Potter. Six of the movies and the last four books all came out in the past decade. J.K. Rowling went from being some ridiculously poor woman to being rich, rich as Nazis. It made three young Brits into huge international stars. Harry Potter in the last ten years was pure madness.

Finally, just so that I feel like I’ve hit all points of the entertainment industry, my choice for Best Album of the Decade goes to:

Bright Eyes, I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning

The combination of political frustration, personal angst and intense wanderlust made this folk album the perfect soundtrack to coming of age in the last ten years. There isn’t a bad song on the entire album–which is no easy feat–and it’s so fantastically bookended by “At the Bottom of Everything” and “Road to Joy” that you end the album with the same feeling awe you started with. I love it.


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  1. Mymsie said,

    January 12 2010 at 2:32 pm

    Hee, I’ve got a little “That’s what she said” in my Best of 2009 list too. 🙂

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