Feeling Blue

I have had a terrible couple of days. Do you ever get in one of those moods where you absolutely hate everyone and everything? That’s the kind of mood I’ve been in. I haven’t felt like doing anything or seeing anyone. I haven’t felt like talking to friends or writing, or doing much of anything at all apart from sleeping. I was just tired and trying desperately to fight off whatever cold or flu or low-grade plague I had coming on. I’m still recuperating a bit, but I’m feeling better. I’m not exactly ready to see anyone because I still don’t feel capable of being friendly, but I’ve got some more energy and actually feel capable of doing some things again. Fingers crossed I’ll be back to more regular posting moving forward. 

Angel Blue
 Blue…(Feral/Stray kitten)
Morning Blues
blue and white…2008
Blue Dreams
Blue water view from Santorini, Greece
Blue Jay in Snow
Blue Moon
Lotus Flower

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