SAG Awards, What The Hell Were You Thinking?

Even more than pretty dresses, I love ragging on people who look f-ing ridiculous. 

Anna Paquin would look really good if she were a coked-up cougar living it up in Las Vegas. 

It looks like she stole a bumpit from the Palins. 


Dear Julia Louis-Dreyfus, 

It did not work when Renee did it. 

It did not work when Gwyneth did it. 

And it’s not working any better for you now. 

Which one is worse: 

looking like coral-shaped tumors have randomly sprouted on your body?

or looking like a Dolly Parton reject in a dress that seriously looks like it’s made out of denim?


This hasn’t been a great year for Drew so far, fashion-wise. 

Joan Allen came out on the wrong side of the “night out at an Indian casino” line that Sandra Bullock was so precariously walking. 

I can’t decide if the “bag” she’s holding looks more like a tambourine or a heart-shaped box of Valentine’s Day candy.


1 Comment

  1. January 25 2010 at 8:39 pm

    Hahha I can’t believe you referenced the bump it! Amazing!

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