Hunkerin’ Down Home Improvements

This Saturday it snowed all day in Baltimore. Apart from a brief walk and snow covered play session with the dog in the park, my husband and I embraced the opportunity to hide out from the cold and spent the weekend fixing up our house. We’ve been in our house for about nine months now and I think we finally have everything set up in a way that makes the best use of all available space. Anyone who lives in a small Baltimore rowhouse is sure to know how important that accomplishment truly is. 

None of this will mean much to anyone that has not been in my house, but I’m posting some pictures, mostly for the benefit of my mom. 

The major project of the weekend was switching two whole rooms. We previously had our bedroom set up in the larger of the two upstairs bedrooms. This presented two main problems:

1. That room is subject to temperature extremes. The houses on either side of us do not have a second stories that reach as far back as our house does, which means our former bedroom has three walls exposed to the elements, instead of just one. When it is cold outside, it’s freezing in the bedroom. When it is hot, it’s boiling. The temperature extremes are easy enough to deal with when you are awake, but it makes for tricky sleeping. 

2. We had our tv room/study set up in the smaller of the two upstairs bedrooms. It was crowded. We spend most of our free time in that room and after awhile, it started to feel a little cramped. 

So we switched rooms. The bedroom is now in the smaller room where the tv room/study used to be. The tv room/study is now in the larger room that used to be our bedroom. It was a lot of work, but produced phenomenal results! Our bedroom is now cute and cozy and a very comfortable temperature. The tv room has more than enough space now and everything feels less cluttered. It’s fantastic. 

In the new bedroom, I finally found a place to hang up the quilt my sister made for us as a wedding gift. I love being able to lie in my bed and stare at this lovely quilt. 

The cat loves it!

The dog doesn’t care either way. He just goes with the flow. Floor is floor, he’s probably thinking. [If you want to see some more adorable pet shots, you can check them out here.}

The other main project this weekend was to finally install some hooks on the living room wall so that we have a place to hang coats and umbrellas and a wet dog towel when necessary. 


All in all it was a very successful weekend and we are very happy with the improvements.


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