10 Things You Might Not Know About Me If You Don’t Know Me Very Well

Now that a few people other than my mom and my husband read this blog, I thought it might be fun to share some random, little known facts about my life.  If you’d like, feel free to share something totally random about yourself in the comments!

Bonus Random Fact: My mom got me the hat I'm wearing in this photo. It's from Ireland. I love it.

1. I quote The Simpsons. Constantly. My ability to do so is pretty much the foundation of my relationship with my brother-in-law.

2. I’m always dancing around my house, even when there is no music playing.

3. I have so many ridiculous nicknames for my dog that I’m pretty sure he has no idea what his actual name is anymore.

4. I’m allergic to cherries. Not dry ones, though, so I think it’s just a problem with the juice. Being from Michigan and incapable of eating cherries is a rough combination. Apparently Michigan cherries are so fantastically, absolutely, stupendously amazing. Oh well.

5. My brother lives in Colombia, the nation. When I tell people this they think he is either a student at Columbia University, or lives in Columbia, Maryland. If you were to meet my brother, you would know that neither of those options are at all in keeping with his personality.

6. My favorite book is Ordinary People. I first read it when I was in fifth or sixth grade and the copy I have to this day is the copy I checked out of the school library when I read it that first time. I had it with me while my family was on vacation and I made the mistake of wrapping it inside my towel when we went swimming in the condo pool. When the towel was grabbed from the deck chair, the book went sailing into the pool and the school made me purchase the damaged copy. The pages are still all wavy and kind of brittle.

7. I am immensely afraid of fire. I think one of the reasons I have such trouble sleeping is that I’m seriously terrified that the house is going to catch on fire while I’m asleep and by the time I wake up, it will be too late for me to make it out safely. I’m about 99.99% positive that this fear can be traced back to a small kitchen fire I witnessed as a kid. A pan of oil that my mom was heating up on the stove caught fire and she couldn’t extinguish it quickly enough and had to grab the pan, carry it through the house and toss it out on the front lawn. She severely burned her hand in the process. The image of those flames is forever burned (heh) in my mind.

8. I have double jointed elbows. They kind of freak me out.

9. I have a ridiculously hard time keeping my eyes open when taking pictures. I’m the person who always ruins everyone’s group shots because 9 times out of 10, my eyes are closed. And even if they aren’t fully closed, they’re so squinty that I might as well have just closed them entirely on purpose. It’s very frustrating.

10. My now-husband and I took a 3 week trip to Europe during the summer between our junior and senior years of college. One of the places we visited was Florence and while standing on the Ponte Vecchio (the oldest bridge in the city) the jersey knit skirt I was wearing blew straight up and some guy standing next to me commented on the blue underwear I had on. The bridge was ridiculously crowded. Not surprisingly, it’s kind of impossible to gracefully recover from full on flashing a giant crowd of tourists. It was seriously windy that day, as you can see from the picture below. Now, I pretty much avoid wearing skirts if I know it’s going to be windy. Lesson learned.


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  1. KateSouth said,

    February 10 2010 at 5:56 pm

    I love number 3. I am the same way with my two pups, Lucy and Rugby. They get: Rug-a-roo, Goose Goose, Gooserson, Bug…and those are just a few of the ones I am not entirely too ashamed to type! Your story about your skirt is one of the reasons I am paranoid about wearing skirts that are swishy enough to possibly cause me to flash people if the right gust of wind comes along. I think I will continue to stick to pencil skirts!

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