Gift Guide {Urban Outfitters}

Last week I posted a Valentine’s gift guide with gift ideas for all the friends in your life that you love so much.  I hadn’t checked out Urban Outfitters at the time, but they have some really fun stuff. So if you’re still looking for a great way to spend Valentine’s Day, check out some of these great gifts and celebrate with one of your best girlfriends!

1. Wouldn’t it be fun to pick a few recipes from The Little Pink Book of Cocktails and get tipsy while watching your favorite slumber party movies?

2. How about some sipping mimosas during a Valentine’s Day brunch? You could serve heart-shaped eggs!

3. Or maybe you can just catch up on what’s new in each other’s lives over some coffee served in a sweet LOVE Mug.

4. Start saving for that next great vacation together by depositing your extra change is this silly sperm bank.

5. Dance around the house you blast your favorite tunes from this Heart Speaker.

6. Or get all dressed up, including a pair of Heart Tights and take your party for two out on the town.


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