Those Were The Days

The travel bug has been biting me like crazy recently. I think the generally crappy weather we’ve had this winter is to blame. I am just aching for adventure and warm sand and the feel of sun on my face and shoulders as I explore someplace new. I don’t have anywhere specific that I want to visit right now; I’d be up for going anywhere if only I had the time and money. The constant thought of travel has me reminiscing about past trips. Last night I went looking through old photos of our trip to Europe; those were three weeks of my life that I will never forget.

The pictures above were taken at a flamenco bar in Barcelona. Dan went all wiz-kid with the camera, holding the shutter open so that the dancer’s moves would flow together, which gave her a very ghostly quality on film. I love it. You can check out more of our photos from Spain, France and Italy below.

Me and Dan in an Irish pub (?!) in Barcelona

Pamplona, during The Running of the Bulls

Notre Dame de Paris

La Tour Eiffel on Bastille Day




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