I was totally digging last night’s episode of Lost.

Thank god for the demise of sad-sack, emo Sawyer…

and the glorious return of badass, frequently shirtless Sawyer!

One of the things that drives me nuts about Lost is the fact that no one on the island is a good communicator. Just think of how much we’d already know and how many problems could have been avoided if these people could just freaking learn how to talk to each other!

Take the instance last night where Claire tries to stab Kate. Granted, Claire is totally crazy with her mussed up hair and perfectly sculpted eyebrows (and totally awesome name)

but just maybe if Kate hadn’t been such a moron in last week’s episode, spouting off to unstable Claire about how she TOOK Claire’s baby–“I took Aaron”–this whole stabbing thing never would have happened. You SAVED Aaron, Kate. Saved was the word you were looking for you moronic, irritating pain in the ass that I’m so thankful doesn’t exist in real life so that there’s no chance of me ever running into you and being this annoyed in person. God I hate Kate!

But back to my main point here: the last episode of this season should just be all the Losties sitting together in a room being taught how to properly communicate. No more of this Person A says to Person B, “why did such and such happen?” and Person B just walks away all mysteriously and reveals absolutely nothing. My hair is starting to look like Crazy Claire’s because I’m constantly pulling on it in excited frustration.

And now back to Sawyer. So hot. Glad he’s back to normal. Let us never speak again of those unfortunate, weepy days.


1 Comment

  1. Nakiya said,

    March 17 2010 at 11:15 am

    ahahahahah Amen to everything!

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