Where I’ve Been & Some Pictures

I have been really quiet on this blog lately for a few reasons.

1. I have been pretty busy with work. This is a good thing because my part time job has become any busier, so that can only me that I’ve been busy giving massages! These week was a little quieter, but last week was decently busy and I already have some appointments scheduled for Sunday and the beginning of next week. Yay!

2. I’ve been kind of sick. Between allergies basically ruining my life last week and an actual sore throat and cold knocking me out for the first half of this week, I’ve felt pretty worn down and not particularly inspired to blog much. I’m feeling better though and looking forward to a good weekend. Luckily, the weather in Baltimore has turned from pouring rain and miserable, to sunny and quite lovely.

3. I have been working on getting a couple of new projects together. They are still in the early stages, but once they are a bit more established, I’ll write all about them.

Hopefully I’ll be back to some more regular blogging next week. For now, enjoy some pictures from my birthday party this past weekend. You can check out the whole set, taken by my friend Maisy’s boyfriend Tim, here. He takes awesome photos.

It was such a fun night full of great friends

and adorable dogs

I had a blast!


Tomorrow night, Dan and I are hosting a Jazz and Martini party to celebrate my 25th birthday. I’m excited. I borrowed a dress from my sister that is tailor-made for twirling. We’re going to have a build-your-own Martini Bar. I’m hoping it will end up being as much fun as I think it will be.

That’s my big plan for the weekend. And with that, I’m out for the week. Have a wonderful weekend!

Mona Lisa, Made of Coffee

Now this is cool.

[via here]


Today is my 25th birthday. My coworker asked me if I felt old and I replied, “I feel as old as I am.”  So far today, I’ve celebrated by eating a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, exercising for 45 minutes this morning and taking the dog on a nice, long walk. Now I am at work. I am so wild and crazy.

I actually love my birthday quite a lot, but mostly because it is also my friend Matt’s birthday. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they would hate to share their birthday with a close friend, but I think it’s awesome. It means it’s guaranteed that somebody else will be equally excited when your birthday rolls around. Plus, since we have the same birthday, people are always mistaking me and Matt for twins. The resemblance is uncanny.

So happy birthday Matt! You are the second coolest person to be born on this day in 1985.

Joy Bryant

Have you seen that new NBC show Parenthood? I really enjoy. Joy Bryant has one of the smaller roles on the show, but every time she shows up on screen, I’m instantly struck by how stunningly beautiful she is.

She has such an inviting smile. It makes me want to be her friend.

Living Pretty

This is adorable.

[via Oh, Hello Friend]

Favorite Fruit


When it comes down to taste alone, pineapple is far and away my favorite fruit. But when we’re talking about the best fruit to munch on while sitting at your desk, nothing beats grapes.



My parents, sister and sister’s boyfriend are visiting this weekend. Everyone arrives tomorrow and I am getting pumped for their visit. We’ll be partaking in all of the best Baltimore activities: lacrosse game, crab feast and duckpin bowling.

Duckpins are so much fun! If you’ve never played, it’s basically like bowling only pint-size. The pins are small, the balls are small and you get three rolls per frame instead of two. I think it’s a lot more enjoyable than regular bowling and I’m definitely better at duckpins than I am at the full size game.

Have you ever played?

I Will See Anything That Features Mark Ruffalo

Thus, I will be seeing this:

One Pretty Thing

How cute is this little red jumper? It reminds of some of the stuff I used to wear when I was growing up in Texas and it was hotter than hell in the summer. Lightweight, comfy clothes were totally where it was at during summertime. I had something really similar to this, but in blue.

[via Bleubird Vintage]

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