A Non-Easter Weekend

by aussiegall

Since my husband is Jewish and I don’t give a hoot and half about Easter, we will be spending our weekend eating things on matzo and enjoying what is supposed to be wonderful weather here in Baltimore. Dan and I have tentative plans to start cleaning up our “backyard” and begin replanting our garden. Our little patio space really took a hard hit with all the snow we had this winter and I’m definitely looking forward to getting things cleaned up and replanted. We also need to put up our beautiful woven branch chuppah so that it is in place when the ivy that runs along our neighbors’ fence begins to grow again. I think the chuppah will look really pretty wrapped in flowering ivy. I’m excited to have the back patio all spruced up so that as the evenings start to get warming, we go back to sitting outside, chatting and enjoying glasses of wine. That’s definitely one of my favorite things about warm weather.

We are headed to DC tonight to meet some family for dinner and have a bunch of small errands to run tomorrow. But other than that, our weekend should be pretty relaxing and carefree with, I hope, lots of time spent out in the sun.

Next week, baseball officially starts. I’m stoked!

Happy Easter to everyone who is celebrating.



  1. LunaOrtiz said,

    April 2 2010 at 9:45 pm

    Very coool post.

  2. April 5 2010 at 6:09 pm

    You sound like me: my man is Jewish (but not religious), and Easter means nothing to me except an excuse to get with family, which is of course nice. And I’m ALSO excited for baseball to start! 🙂 xo

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