An Education {Movie Recommendation}

This weekend, Dan and I watched An Education. I highly recommend this movie. Carey Mulligan was fantastic and I thought Peter Sarsgaard pulled off the perfect combination of being utterly smarmy, but undeniably enticing.

The movie is about Jenny (Carey Mulligan), a teenager growing up in the London suburbs in the 1960s. She’s studious and bright and destined for Oxford as long as she performs well on all her tests and brings up her Latin grades a bit. Then she meets David (Peter Sarsgaard), who is older and exciting and concocts elaborate lies that convince Jenny’s parents to let him whisk her off to Oxford for a weekend, and better yet, Paris. He’s sophisticated and charming in ways that are immensely appealing when you’re all of 16 and have yet to discover that a life of adventure and romance can be lived alongside one of study and intellect. This film does an excellent job of capturing the feeling of being young and desiring a life that is more exciting and mysterious than the one you’ve always known. It does a equally excellent job of capturing the letdown that inevitably accompanies making the more appealing, though obviously wrong decision.

And then, of course, there’s the clothes.


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