2 Years + 7

May 25, 2008

Two years ago today, I married the man who has been my closest friend and confidant for what feels like ages by this point. I have known Dan since middle school and we started dated when we were just 16. So while today marks the end of our first two years of marriage, Dan and I are actually in our 9th year as a couple. That’s crazy!

Over the course of nine years, you really get to know each other. Some things aren’t so great and you just learn how to live with them (e.g. Dan will often putz around on his computer while I’m talking to him about something and it never seems like he’s listening to what I’m saying, but then when I accuse him of not listening, he always manages to repeat word-for-word everything I’ve said. It’s infuriating, but by this point, it mostly just makes me laugh). But there are lots of other things that are constant reminders of how lucky I am to have such a kick-ass partner. In honor of our nine years, here are nine things about my husband that are totally awesome. Happy Anniversary, Dan!

Oct. 2001, Homecoming Dance, High school Junior Year

1. Before we started dating, Dan and I would get together and study for our Chemistry class. Dan was pretty good at chemistry, I got by thanks to his help. We would meet up at Einstein Bros. Bagels to study. It was the beginning of fall and they had just released their seasonal cookies, these positively delicious Pumpkin Spice cookies. I loved those cookies! To this day, whenever I eat Pumpkin Spice anything, I think back to those study dates and remember what it felt like when I first realized I liked Dan.

Homecoming Dance, High school Senior Year, Fall 2002

2. Whenever something is really funny, Dan always starts laughing by kind of throwing his head back and he instinctively puts his hands on his hips as if to catch himself because the humor of the situation is enough to make him fall backwards. It always makes me laugh even harder.

High school, Senior Year, Spring 2003 (9 years worth of pictures and this one is still my favorite)

3. With great patience and so much support, Dan helped turn me into a runner. He ran alongside and paced me during my first half marathon last year, and when I finished the race, he was way more proud of me than I was of myself. It was awesome.

Summer 2006 (between junior and senior years of college)

4. He knows, like, everything. His brain stores so much information and knowledge. Often, when our friends are having a dispute about something or someone needs an answer to some random question, they’ll get in touch with Dan to find out what’s what and he pretty much always knows.

College Graduation, May 2007

5. In keeping with number 4, he’s a great teacher. He has a background in Economics and has been most helpful in improving my understanding of what’s happening in the national and global economies and what needs to be done, etc. He is fantastic at taking complicated things and explaining them in simpler, more digestible terms.

Comerica Park (Summer of '07, I think)

6. He writes a fantastic blog about baseball/baseball cards. Even though I don’t really care about baseball cards, I still love reading the blog because his writing is so funny and heartfelt. Check out his post on recently deceased Jose Lima. I don’t know Jose Lima from Adam and this post still made me tear up.

On our honeymoon, Dec. 2008

7. He runs marathons in Hawaii, which means we got to go there for our honeymoon. It was fabulous.

Sept. 2009

8.  He doesn’t let fear of looking silly or ridiculous stop him from doing things that he thinks are fun or interesting. It’s admirable and a quality I’m trying more and more to emulate. (Case in point, he grew the beard above for the purpose of shaving it down to just a mustache for the start of the University of Michigan football season. He looked ridiculous and kind of like a pervert with that mustache, but he just rolled with it and had a good time.)

Winter, 2010

9. He’s hilariously funny. Seriously, I spend so much of my life laughing at what he says. It’s fantastic.



  1. May 25 2010 at 1:48 pm

    Awww – love this post! Congrats you two. What a sweet couple you make. Can’t believe you met in middle school! Happy anniversary 🙂 xo

  2. Naomi said,

    June 3 2010 at 3:45 pm

    I just read this now and HAVE to tell you how sweet and adorable it is! Wow, 9 years…how did you guys manage to look so good in HS? I’m totally embarrassed of my hair, glasses and overall clothing style that I was constantly trying to figure out, lol. PS – your first pic of this post is absolutely perfect. 🙂

  3. Jill said,

    June 23 2010 at 11:25 am

    I absolutely adore this post. You guys are my favorite couple, you can do cute lovey things and I don’t get nauseated because I feel like it’s always coming from a genuine place. You two are truly made for each other 🙂

    • CT said,

      June 24 2010 at 10:33 am

      Aw! Thanks Jill! Only coming from you does “you don’t make me want to vomit” feel like a wonderful compliment 🙂

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