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Check out this fantastic post on Penny Luxe all about developing your personal style. Penny offers some really great and useful advice. I particularly like the part about playing with your clothes and followed up on her suggestion by turning one of my skirts into a top today.

I have this really soft, jersey knit black skirt. It’s knee length with a soft elastic waist. It’s lightweight and airy and has a lot of movement and flow. Instead of wearing it as a skirt today, I hiked it up and turned it into a sleeveless top and teamed it with a long glass and metal beaded necklace that my friend Nina gave me last night as a belated birthday gift (thanks Nina!). I paired the skirt-turned-top with some skinny jean capris and voila! It’s a perfect outfit for this 90 degree day we’re experiencing because the skirt doesn’t cling to my skin. I feel very cute and comfortable, all thanks to Penny’s advice!

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  1. nina said,

    May 29 2010 at 5:35 pm

    yay 🙂

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