Reading Recommendation

I have been pretty busy lately and haven’t had a lot of extra time for blogging, but I thought I’d pop in and highly recommend Sue Miller’s The Lake Shore Limited. If you haven’t read this book, you should do so ASAP. I’m only about halfway through it right now, but I absolutely love it and have a hard time putting it down so that I can actually get things done.

Happy reading!

Cool Clothes To Help Beat The Heat

It is boiling in Baltimore:

I think one of the most difficult aspects of dealing with insanely hot weather is figuring what clothes to wear. You’re going to be sweaty and uncomfortable no matter what, but you need to figure out some balance between looking presentable and not feeling oppressed by your sartorial choices. On a hot day, I often find myself just staring into my closet, wishing that I could design an outfit made entirely of inward facing sprinklers. But alas, I am not much of a designer. So instead, I must opt for whatever is light weight and spend my spare time day dreaming about purchasing an entirely new wardrobe of gorgeous and wonderfully comfortable summer clothes.








First Day of Summer

Today is the official start of summer! Here in Baltimore, we’re ushering in the season with uncomfortably hot weather. But I’m not going to let that ruin summer for me. It’s such a great season. There’s always lots to do and so many great ways to relax and have fun.

This summer I’m looking forward to…

…Just relaxing in the park, where it’s always 10º cooler than anywhere else in the city. On Tuesday and Sunday evenings, they have free concerts. It’s fun to set up a blanket on Pagoda Hill and enjoy a little picnic while listening to music.

…Sprucing up the garden and enjoying the beauty of our back patio while sharing a bottle of wine on cool (a person can dream!) evenings.

…Keeping up with my running in spite of the warm weather. Though I’m also hoping to supplement this with some swimming from time to time. I can’t wait for the pool to open up.

…Spending time with my awesome sister before she breaks my heart by moving to Germany.

…And of course, hanging with my husband. He’s my favorite companion when it comes to trying out new recipes with fresh summer ingredients, walking to get gelato in the evenings, completing little projects around the house and, of course, just lounging around on the couch watching movies and avoiding the heat.

What are you looking forward to doing this summer?

How About A Little Something To Relax?

Good christ on a cracker that was a stressful World Cup game if you’re a US fan!

I’m going to unwind by checking out this list of Recut Movie Trailers. I have seen a bunch of these before and while I still think The Shining as a romantic comedy is my favorite…

I’m probably most impressed by the ability to find humor in the immensely unfunny Saving Private Ryan.

Check out the link to see Top Gun as a gay romance, Mrs. Doubtfire as a horror film and many more.

This is why the internet is amazing.

Blue Bedroom

So, in addition to the bathroom and the living room, our bedroom could really stand to get a new coat of paint and a bit of a facelift to freshen it up and make it seem a little less cluttered and a little more restful. I’m thinking that a blue would be really nice in there because blue is very calming, but with the exposed brick wall, finding the right blue could be a bit tricky. I think something with more of a slate or gray tone would probably work best, but the room is not very big so we need to avoid choosing a color that is too heavy and dark. I think I’m going to convince Dan that we should make a trip out to Home Depot this weekend to pick up color swatches for all of the proposed painting projects. Dan is not especially excited about any of these projects because he has a very busy life and does not want to spend his free time painting. Too bad. I really want to brighten things up and make a solid effort to reduce some of the clutter in our house. That’s my big project for the summer because right now I’m feeling very cramped and anxious.

Today I Love…

Woo boy did I ever have a busy weekend. We traveled to Detroit and Chicago to celebrate my sister’s college graduation. We left early Friday morning and finally got back to our house and fell into bed around 12:30 last night. I am taking it easy this week and really hoping that I’ll be able to catch up on some sleep. The main thing I’m loving this Tuesday is just being home where I can relax and cook some good, healthy food.

As for a few more things I currently love:

Today I Love…

How adorable my sister looks all dressed up for graduation.

This Lego reenactment of the US v England World Cup game.

The blue in this bedroom

Sipping coffee from these cute mustache mugs.

World Cup anything. Brazil and North Korea kick off in an hour.

Urban Row Photography

I am so excited to share a new source of inspiration with all of you today! My beautiful, talented friend Naomi Cataldo has just launched her new photography site, Urban Row Photography.

Based in Baltimore, Naomi offers fantastic photographs of the city, the people and the environment and design that are such a big part of her everyday life. I highly recommend that you check out her lovely work. If you live in the Baltimore area and are in need of a photographer, you should definitely contact Naomi about her services. I guarantee you won’t find a more pleasant and enjoyable photographer to work with in all of Baltimore!

Congratulations Naomi!

{The above image is the property of Urban Row Photography}

Self Portrait Photo Series

I have been taking a lot of photos lately for my other blog and in so doing, I have discovered how truly difficult it is to take a photo of yourself. To take a good portrait shot, you need the right kind of lighting, an ability to play with angles and adjust your camera settings and focus. When you’re forced to hold the camera out in front of you at arm’s length and just point and shoot, the ability to set up your shot pretty much disappears and you just have to hope that if you take 20 pictures, at least one of them will be good.

This is what I did yesterday and while I didn’t end up with many shots that I felt were either good pictures of me or at least artistically interesting on their own, there are a few that, when combined, make for a nice little photo series.

Time for a Change!

We have been in our house for over a year now and the all beige walls are starting to wear on me. Our home was absolutely beautifully renovated, but to save time and I’m sure money, the company just painted all the rooms the same basic beige in this horrible flat paint. Every time something barely grazes the wall, the paint gets horrible scratched and nicked up. The only room in the house that is not beige is my massage room. We painted that a lovely green.

I’ve managed to convince Dan that painting some of our rooms should be our house project for this summer. I’ve had enough basic beige! That being said, I would like to keep our bathroom very earth toned. We have really nice stone in there and tile around the bathtub and I think a nice earthy color would look really nice and I wouldn’t have to worry about it clashing with our yellow and blue towel sets.

Here’s a shot of our bathroom. This is from when we first moved in. We actually have a little more blue in there now.

And here are some colors that I think would be good options. Feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions. I’ll be posting paint color ideas for the living room next!

Today I Love…

Happy Tuesday! It is such a beautiful day here in Baltimore; 70s with a wonderful breeze. Doesn’t life just feel better when the weather is nice?

I’m embracing this wonderful day and following my friend Jill’s example in focusing on positive things by bringing you a list of a few things I’m currently loving.

So without further ado:

Today I Love…

This adorable bicycle print. It’s a perfect day for a bike ride.

This pretty poppy table.

The thought of packing this bag full of yummy goodies and having a picnic in the park.

Thinking back on the days when my sister and I were inseparable. She’s graduating from college this weekend and I am so proud!


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