Blue Bedroom

So, in addition to the bathroom and the living room, our bedroom could really stand to get a new coat of paint and a bit of a facelift to freshen it up and make it seem a little less cluttered and a little more restful. I’m thinking that a blue would be really nice in there because blue is very calming, but with the exposed brick wall, finding the right blue could be a bit tricky. I think something with more of a slate or gray tone would probably work best, but the room is not very big so we need to avoid choosing a color that is too heavy and dark. I think I’m going to convince Dan that we should make a trip out to Home Depot this weekend to pick up color swatches for all of the proposed painting projects. Dan is not especially excited about any of these projects because he has a very busy life and does not want to spend his free time painting. Too bad. I really want to brighten things up and make a solid effort to reduce some of the clutter in our house. That’s my big project for the summer because right now I’m feeling very cramped and anxious.

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