Turning A Scarf Into A Top

A few years ago my brother visited Africa and brought me back an absolutely gorgeous scarf. It is very long and when wrapped around your neck, it’s thick and warm and very comfy during cold weather. But I had a hankering to wear it today, despite the low 80 temps we’re expecting. So I repurposed it into a top. Wrap around, tie at the neck, safety pin a couple of spots and voila! I feel nice and cool and oh so comfortable.

Outfit Envy

How cute is this little girl’s outfit? I want it.


The Long Jacket Look

I’m looking forward to fall. Cooler weather and a chance to rock the long jacket look? Sign me up.

{all images via Tomboy Style}

Cool Clothes To Help Beat The Heat

It is boiling in Baltimore:

I think one of the most difficult aspects of dealing with insanely hot weather is figuring what clothes to wear. You’re going to be sweaty and uncomfortable no matter what, but you need to figure out some balance between looking presentable and not feeling oppressed by your sartorial choices. On a hot day, I often find myself just staring into my closet, wishing that I could design an outfit made entirely of inward facing sprinklers. But alas, I am not much of a designer. So instead, I must opt for whatever is light weight and spend my spare time day dreaming about purchasing an entirely new wardrobe of gorgeous and wonderfully comfortable summer clothes.








Get Ready for the Weekend!

Yay! I am so excited for the long weekend. Dan and I are going to a party on Saturday night that I am totally pumped for. I think I’m going to make my mom’s delicious pasta salad to bring along. On Sunday, I’m doing lunch and a movie with a friend. The only bummer stuff I have to do this weekend is slog through a 9 mile run on Saturday morning, and at some point I should really take advantage of the extra time to clean up my house a bit. I have a bathtub that needs to be scrubbed (boo). Other than that, I’m excited to just relax, hang out with some good friends, maybe do a bit of reading and take lots of photos.

What are your plans for Memorial Day Weekend?

How about you…

Make a delicious pitcher of sangria for the bbq you’re attending?

Put together a “Freshman First Aid Kit” for the new high school graduates in your life? Essential items: Advil, shower sandals, a travel coffee mug and some of those Starbucks Via Ready Brew things, condoms (if you aren’t a bashful gift giver), multivitamins (they help reduce hangovers!), some packages of ramen.

Dance around to Nikki and Rich’s Next Best Thing?

Cook up some fresh asparagus? It’s in season and can be found at your local farmers market!

Catch up on my daily photo project? I’m having so much fun with it thus far!

Welcome summer by shopping for a few of the season’s essentials?

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

Style Advice

Check out this fantastic post on Penny Luxe all about developing your personal style. Penny offers some really great and useful advice. I particularly like the part about playing with your clothes and followed up on her suggestion by turning one of my skirts into a top today.

I have this really soft, jersey knit black skirt. It’s knee length with a soft elastic waist. It’s lightweight and airy and has a lot of movement and flow. Instead of wearing it as a skirt today, I hiked it up and turned it into a sleeveless top and teamed it with a long glass and metal beaded necklace that my friend Nina gave me last night as a belated birthday gift (thanks Nina!). I paired the skirt-turned-top with some skinny jean capris and voila! It’s a perfect outfit for this 90 degree day we’re experiencing because the skirt doesn’t cling to my skin. I feel very cute and comfortable, all thanks to Penny’s advice!

Mail Day!

I bought these the other day and they just arrived. Hooray!

JCrew, Lightweight cotton beach pants

I plan on wearing them rolled up. I hope they are as comfy as they look!

coo koo ri koo

I’m totally digging these necklaces and earrings from the Etsy shop coo koo ri koo. I think they would look so cute with a simple summer tank and a flowing skirt.

One Pretty Thing

How cute is this little red jumper? It reminds of some of the stuff I used to wear when I was growing up in Texas and it was hotter than hell in the summer. Lightweight, comfy clothes were totally where it was at during summertime. I had something really similar to this, but in blue.

[via Bleubird Vintage]

Alice In Wonderland Rings

How cool are these Alice In Wonderland inspired rings? I would probably poke my eye out if I ever tried to wear one, but they sure are awesome to look at.

(images via 79 Ideas)

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