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Urban Row Photography

I am so excited to share a new source of inspiration with all of you today! My beautiful, talented friend Naomi Cataldo has just launched her new photography site, Urban Row Photography.

Based in Baltimore, Naomi offers fantastic photographs of the city, the people and the environment and design that are such a big part of her everyday life. I highly recommend that you check out her lovely work. If you live in the Baltimore area and are in need of a photographer, you should definitely contact Naomi about her services. I guarantee you won’t find a more pleasant and enjoyable photographer to work with in all of Baltimore!

Congratulations Naomi!

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Self Portrait Photo Series

I have been taking a lot of photos lately for my other blog and in so doing, I have discovered how truly difficult it is to take a photo of yourself. To take a good portrait shot, you need the right kind of lighting, an ability to play with angles and adjust your camera settings and focus. When you’re forced to hold the camera out in front of you at arm’s length and just point and shoot, the ability to set up your shot pretty much disappears and you just have to hope that if you take 20 pictures, at least one of them will be good.

This is what I did yesterday and while I didn’t end up with many shots that I felt were either good pictures of me or at least artistically interesting on their own, there are a few that, when combined, make for a nice little photo series.

Today I Love…

Happy Tuesday! It is such a beautiful day here in Baltimore; 70s with a wonderful breeze. Doesn’t life just feel better when the weather is nice?

I’m embracing this wonderful day and following my friend Jill’s example in focusing on positive things by bringing you a list of a few things I’m currently loving.

So without further ado:

Today I Love…

This adorable bicycle print. It’s a perfect day for a bike ride.

This pretty poppy table.

The thought of packing this bag full of yummy goodies and having a picnic in the park.

Thinking back on the days when my sister and I were inseparable. She’s graduating from college this weekend and I am so proud!


New Project

Today I launched a new photography and writing project that I had been rolling around in my head for some time now. I’ve been looking for ways to get myself back into a regular routine of more creative writing and I’m slowly trial-and-error teaching myself a little more about photography by just taking lots of photos and playing with camera settings and stuff like that.

It’s called A Photo Per Day . Today’s is my first post, but I’ve also got a little About page up there that explains a bit more about what I’m planning and what the project is all about.

Check it out!

Come On Sun

Do you think if I post enough adorable prints about sunshine it will tempt the sun to actually come out here in Baltimore? I’m sick and tired of this gloomy weather.

Barking Bird Art


Jessica Swift



sweetblue Photography

We’ve had a gloomy couple of days here in Baltimore with lots of rain and damp, cold temperatures. It has made for a long and tiring week. But these lovely photographs from sweetblue on Etsy are helping to cheer me up!

Aren’t these photographs so soothing? You can check out more here.

Picture Me

This picture wonderfully represents how I’m feeling today: A little bit sleepy and meditative. It makes me want to lie down on a soft bed next to a window where a light, cool breeze can come through and ruffle the sheets.

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Mona Lisa, Made of Coffee

Now this is cool.

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With Easter approaching, one of my favorite things ever has returned: the Washingtong Post Peeps Diorama Contest!

I love this peeps contest and the detail that went into so many of the entries.

You can see them all here, or check out some of my favorites below. (Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images.)

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