I’ve decided that rather than try to manage three separate blogs with three separate styles, I’m just going to combine them all into one blog that reflects my whole self and all of my interests. That means I’ll once again be doing some posts that are similar to what I did on this blog!

The Little Spoon is up and running, so check it out!

The Time Has Come…

…to say goodbye.

So I just simply cannot keep up with this blog. It pains me a bit to say it and to officially be done with it, but with three jobs and three other blogs, I just can’t devote enough time to this one.

For now, you can follow me on Twitter, check out my personal blog, my photo/story blog (updates coming soon–seriously, I’ve been crazy busy!) or follow the online book club that I started with my sister (who currently lives in Germany).

All the best!


Bottle Gardens

More images and instructions at Design*Sponge.

You Can Follow Me

On Twitter!


Between Two Ferns (Steve Carell)


Watch Here.

DIY Cocktail Party Invites

These make me want to host another cocktail party.

via 100 Layer Cake

Instructions can be found here.

Buried Trailer

90 minutes of a frantic Ryan Reynolds buried alive in a coffin? Yeah, I’d watch that.

Animal Photo Holders

These are adorable.

via Photojojo

My Latest Purchase

I bought this dress at Target the other day. It’s really cute and super comfortable. Plus it’s nice and light weight, which is just perfect since it’s hitting the hundreds again here starting tomorrow.

Tom Jones Sounding Nothing Like Tom Jones

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