Today I Love…

Happy Tuesday! It is such a beautiful day here in Baltimore; 70s with a wonderful breeze. Doesn’t life just feel better when the weather is nice?

I’m embracing this wonderful day and following my friend Jill’s example in focusing on positive things by bringing you a list of a few things I’m currently loving.

So without further ado:

Today I Love…

This adorable bicycle print. It’s a perfect day for a bike ride.

This pretty poppy table.

The thought of packing this bag full of yummy goodies and having a picnic in the park.

Thinking back on the days when my sister and I were inseparable. She’s graduating from college this weekend and I am so proud!


Come On Sun

Do you think if I post enough adorable prints about sunshine it will tempt the sun to actually come out here in Baltimore? I’m sick and tired of this gloomy weather.

Barking Bird Art


Jessica Swift



Trixie Delicious

The Vandalized Vintage shop by Trixie Delicious offers, for lack of a better word, repurposed china dishes. They’re pretty cool. I think this “Nude In The Leaves” plate is my favorite.

Be Still My Heart

I want to hang these prints, from Ork Posters, in my new massage room. They are awesome. 

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide {My Chloe Flower}

My Chloe Flower features original, handmade collages. As the artist points out, this artwork would be perfect for a nursery or child’s room, but I think the collages have a very peaceful and meditative quality that would make for a great gift for friends and family of any age

Choose Joy

I love this:

By evajuliet {via Katy Elliot}