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This is adorable.

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Shelf Life

image by Chocolate Geek

image by Chocolate Geek

My husband and I are looking into buying our first house. It’s a pretty exciting prospect, especially for me. I’m letting him take the reins on dealing with lenders and securing a decent mortgage and all of those specifics. Meanwhile, I just get to check out houses and come up with all sorts of decorating ideas. It’s a little bit pointless to think about room colors and furniture placement and wall hangings, etc. when you have no idea what kind of layout or space your potential home will have, but it’s still a lot of fun.

Today, I went searching for book-shelving ideas. Having grown up in a home where the number of books inside far exceeded the number of bricks that created the foundation of our house, I can’t help but have big plans to increase my own in-home library. While I recognize that my bookshelf future is far tamer than any of the designs and creations below, there’s no harm in daydreaming.


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