Cool Clothes To Help Beat The Heat

It is boiling in Baltimore:

I think one of the most difficult aspects of dealing with insanely hot weather is figuring what clothes to wear. You’re going to be sweaty and uncomfortable no matter what, but you need to figure out some balance between looking presentable and not feeling oppressed by your sartorial choices. On a hot day, I often find myself just staring into my closet, wishing that I could design an outfit made entirely of inward facing sprinklers. But alas, I am not much of a designer. So instead, I must opt for whatever is light weight and spend my spare time day dreaming about purchasing an entirely new wardrobe of gorgeous and wonderfully comfortable summer clothes.








Come On Sun

Do you think if I post enough adorable prints about sunshine it will tempt the sun to actually come out here in Baltimore? I’m sick and tired of this gloomy weather.

Barking Bird Art


Jessica Swift



coo koo ri koo

I’m totally digging these necklaces and earrings from the Etsy shop coo koo ri koo. I think they would look so cute with a simple summer tank and a flowing skirt.

Margot Layne Jewelry

So my friend, who I lived with during college (and who is awesome), has a girlfriend (who is also awesome) who has a friend who apparently just started her own Etsy jewelry store: Margot Layne Jewelry.

I checked it out and it is pretty fantastic.

I particularly love this Asian Inspired Pendant Necklace:

There are lots of other beautiful pieces to choose from.

You can check them all out here.

If I Had A Garden

I would use these adorable plant markers.

More great stuff at 22 pages.

Tea Cozies

One of the small touches I’ve included in my massage practice is having hot tea available for clients to take with them after their massage session has concluded. It’s not the kind of thing that will necessarily set me apart from other therapists, but I’m hoping it will be a nice and memorable little addition. 

What this means, however, is that I now have the difficult task of finding a teapot cozy that is in my price range and fits the decor of my room. I don’t want the tea to get cold, of course, but I also don’t want  my tea pot sticking out like a sore, horribly mismatched thumb in the middle of my lovely massage room! The search has proven to be as tricky as I expected, but here are a few options that, while maybe not perfect fits, at least keep with the general theme of comfort and relaxation. 

{pictures link to sources}

Britgal Designs


Snowdrops and Daisies


Gloaming Designs


Yarn Soup



Rest and Relaxation

Last night I purchased the above neck and eye pillow from The Ferris Wheels shop. One of the services I’m offering in my massage practice is a 30 minute Extremities Treatment. Basically, it’s a 30 minute massage that focuses on the hands, feet, neck and head. I think it would be a great way to treat yourself in the middle of hectic work week: a nice relaxing session during your lunch break. I thought a heated neck wrap and a scented eye pillow would be give those sessions a little something extra.

The Ferris Wheels shop has lots of fantastic hot and cold therapy packs to choose from. They would make great gifts for friends or coworkers.

I love the Office Stress Relief sets.

The shop even offers a set designed to help alleviate migraine headaches.

Love The Accent! {Lamps}

Today, I explore lamps for massage room decor. Nearly everything on this list is probably (and unfortunately) out of my price range, but a girl can dream.

Hannah Nunn


Gee Willowkers Lamps

Bark and Bird

Design Public

Love the Accent! {Pillows}

It’s January, 2010, which means it’s time for me to get down to business designing my massage room and website. I’m very excited. I’ve got my massage table, I’ve got all the furniture I need. Now it’s all about adding those little decorative elements that will elevate the room from a finished basement where you can get a massage, to a relaxing and lovely little retreat in the middle of Baltimore City. Today, I’m looking into pillows that can be used to spruce up the seating area where clients will fill out their intake forms. 


Dwell In Style


Mod Diva


Handmade Holiday Gift Guide {Uzura}

How about some lovely eco-friendly clothing for the holidays? Uzura offers hemp and organic cotton products featuring original screen-printed designs. They look so comfy and meditative. 

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