Red Tree

If I had money to blow right now, I’d spend it at Red Tree, an awesome little design and furniture shop in the Hampden neighborhood in Baltimore.


Before & After {Massage Room}

I have finally finished converting my basement into a new massage room that will serve as one of my two locations when I start up my business in the next couple of weeks. It has been quite a process, but I love the results. I gave a few test drive massages to some neighbors this weekend and they both really liked the room and commented on how calming and serene it felt. It really does feel like you are retreating from the world when you’re down there.

Here are some before shots. On the left is a picture of what the room looked like when we first moved into our house and used the basement as a study/tv room. The right is a shot of all the massage room stuff piled up in the center as we prepped for painting.

And here it is after!

The cool screen that serves as the “door” was hand painted by my sister.

As was this awesome picture that hangs above my little tea station.

Check out these awesome mini pitchers that my mom picked up for me during her trip to Ecuador. I love them because they are so one-of-a-kind and special, which is how I wanted my massage room to feel.

Feeling Bored?

It’s Wednesday: time for another round of interesting and entertaining links to get you through the day!



I will no longer grab my big-headed dog’s adorable face and say, in a cutesy, silly voice, “Who’s a big dumb stupid head? Who is? Who is?” because apparently, he is not

Check out this interview with Olympia Le-Tan who turns classic books into bags. 



Decorate your favorite room with these wine bottle vases.


Enter for a chance to win today’s giveaway at The Bright Side Project: a Personal Library Kit



I’m really feeling the new Pearl Jam album (not super new, it came out in September) right now. I like that it sounds like the Pearl Jam I used to know and love, but it’s also a bit of an updated, different sound. It kind of keeps of them from falling into the trap that I think Green Day is stuck in, where you can’t help but think that these guys are getting a bit too old for this. Seriously Green Day, “21 Guns” is a crappy song that makes me weep for the days of “Basket Case.” 


Not only is this acoustic version of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”  not at all irritating, it’s actually pretty awesome. 


Prepare thyself. The end is near. 

{Here’s a brief conversation from my office about this trailer:

Coworker: I love that the world is ending but he’s still taking time out to get it on with Amanda Peet. 

Me: Uh, the world is ending. Seems like the perfect time to get it on with Amanda Peet.}


Ideas I Plan To Steal

I think I’m going to do this when I set up my new office. You could use them to hang lovely prints or photographs or as a clutter-free way of keeping important notes or meeting dates in clear site. Love it! 

{via 2 days in the rain}

A Perfect Marriage of Nature and Design

I love this photo. I think her dress is beautiful. It looks so soft and comfortable and I love the combination of the pale champagne color with the ruffled white skirt. But mostly I love how the natural elements of this scene so wonderfully mirror the style of the dress. The roots and grasses on the right cut and overlap each other in the same way as the folds of her fabric. The white surfaces of the smooth rocks resemble the flowers in her bouquet. The whole scene is so tranquil, so lovely. It’s a wonderful wedding photo.

You can see more here.

Tote-ally Cute

Most women my age carry real or knock-off versions of designer handbags. I think those bags tend to look more like skinned marsupials than actual purses, but we all have our own tastes. I prefer to carry tote bags; call it a masochistic urge to search endlessly for my car keys as I stand outside in the rain. I like nice, canvas totes. They can hold everything I need, plus a book for when I get bored and I never have to worry about matching my bag to my outfit because all of my tote bags are neutral colors. I don’t have particularly prissy or high end style and I just need something the cat can lie against without me having to worry about scratch marks.

I really like the totes on Mis Nopales Art‘s Etsy store. They are so cute and simplistic. I think I might pick out a few to give to some friends as Christmas gifts, try to spread the tote love!

I especially like this raccoon one. It makes me think of what Mary Poppins would look like if she were a raccoon who had just gone fishing. I also like that the fish appears to be smiling even though he’s about to be dinner.