Bedside Chair

I think this DIY project on Design*Sponge may be my favorite one that I’ve seen. It’s so cute and a great solution for a small space. I might just have to try this one someday.

via Design*Sponge


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Wednesday afternoon! The work week’s half over! 


Morninggloria’s hilarious area code breakdown or her past hookups had me cracking up at my desk this morning.

Are you a “more intelligent” or “less intelligent” googler

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The City Sage offers up some beautiful ideas for Thanksgiving table settings. I think this one is my favorite:

If those settings seem a bit too decadent and beyond your price range this year, Apartment Therapy has some tips for a more budget-friendly turkey day

For another way to decorate for the holidays without spending a bunch of your hard earned dough, check out these do-it-yourself wreaths made out of book pages

And while you’re at it, convert those toilet paper rolls into some great wall art.

This is a great idea that I will, unfortunately, never be able to execute. My adorable cat, Maggs, would make quick work of a wall full of thin cardboard. 


This take down of the increasingly popular phrase “No Homo” is terrific. {via Splice Today}

And In Other News

Today is Veterans Day, so be sure to give a big thank you to any vets you know! 

On a more personal note, today is also my mom’s birthday. So happy birthday to my mama, who is the most wonderfully, fabulous woman in the world and hands down the greatest mom anyone could ever have. I love you Mom! Happy Birthday. 

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It’s Wednesday: time for another round of interesting and entertaining links to get you through the day!



I will no longer grab my big-headed dog’s adorable face and say, in a cutesy, silly voice, “Who’s a big dumb stupid head? Who is? Who is?” because apparently, he is not

Check out this interview with Olympia Le-Tan who turns classic books into bags. 



Decorate your favorite room with these wine bottle vases.


Enter for a chance to win today’s giveaway at The Bright Side Project: a Personal Library Kit



I’m really feeling the new Pearl Jam album (not super new, it came out in September) right now. I like that it sounds like the Pearl Jam I used to know and love, but it’s also a bit of an updated, different sound. It kind of keeps of them from falling into the trap that I think Green Day is stuck in, where you can’t help but think that these guys are getting a bit too old for this. Seriously Green Day, “21 Guns” is a crappy song that makes me weep for the days of “Basket Case.” 


Not only is this acoustic version of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”  not at all irritating, it’s actually pretty awesome. 


Prepare thyself. The end is near. 

{Here’s a brief conversation from my office about this trailer:

Coworker: I love that the world is ending but he’s still taking time out to get it on with Amanda Peet. 

Me: Uh, the world is ending. Seems like the perfect time to get it on with Amanda Peet.}


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What exactly are we downing with every cup of coffee in the morning? Now you know

This weekend is a big one for runners–Chicago Marathon, Baltimore Running Festival (my husband and I are running the half!). Learn how you can best show your support with these tips for race spectators



This delicious-looking Curried Udon Noodle Stir-Fry.

Get ready for all those end of the year birthday presents with some pretty Do-It-Yourself bows.

Check out these ways to brighten up your kitchen without emptying your wallet. 


All Is Love–Karen O and The Kids from the soundtrack to Where The Wild Things Are.



DIY Projects I Adore

Maybe once my husband and I are settled into the new house and the stress of moving and organizing has fully worn off, I’ll give these do-it-yourself projects a try.

(All via Design*Sponge)

An adorable clock:

A great way to use that Ikea silverware that I don’t need anymore:

A perfect place to display my many teas:

Have any great DIY design projects that you are aching to do? I’d love to hear them!