So, This Is Pretty Awesome

Earth Album

Google Earth and Flickr come together in an awesome way that lets you explore amazing photos from around the world simply by clicking on a location. 


[Click on the images below to link to the original flickr photostreams]



Picture 18



Picture 12


Picture 14


Picture 13


Picture 6


Picture 16

New Zealand

Picture 11


Picture 15

Say Hello To The Weekend

Every Friday, I’m going to attempt to post some fun links and videos as we transition into the weekend. 

This weekend, I’m waking up super early on Saturday morning to go for a 9 mile training run, then I’m joining my husband at Rosh Hashanah services and from there we’ll be heading straight to an alumni bar to watch the University of Michigan football game. On Sunday, I have eight hours of class. Boo. 

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the links and other fun stuff below!


Brief Interviews With Hideous Men hits theaters next Friday, Sept 25, 2009. You can watch a making of featurette on Hulu. John Krasinksi fans, get ready to get your sqee on. 


In preparation for the return of House on Monday, Sept. 21 (on Fox, 8 pm), check out these old comedy clips of a young Hugh Laurie. 


Prepare to be immensely jealous when you see Joanna Goddard’s (A Cup of Jo) honeymoon photos. I want to go to there


Get ready for some gorgeous fall evenings by adding a few of these wine bottle torches to your backyard porch or terrace. 


Or just spend your weekend being swept away by these beautiful photos from buttonmoOon.

Things I Adore When I’m Feeling Oh So Blue

I have been feeling pretty down lately, which is bound to happen from time to time. Not enough sleep, lots of work-related stress and not nearly enough hours in the day to do the things I want to do. 

Whenever I’m feeling down, I try to focus my attention on things that bring me peace, relaxation and joy. Things like: 

cupcakes, fresh flowers, pretty, comfy dresses, chai tea lattes, in oversized mugs and, of course, good books



What are the things you adore when you’re feeling kind of blue?

The Hour is Drawing Near

image by cosmic_kid99

image by cosmic_kid99

Dan and I leave for the airport at 6:45 tomorrow morning. Hawaii, here we come!