Living Pretty

I want this chair and side table. Big time.

[via Desire to Inspire]


Living Pretty

Isn’t this just a lovely little dining space? 

[via sfgirlbybay]

House Plants

I picked a few flowers from the planting beds in our backyard, put them in a small vase and then set the vase on a side table next to the couch in our living room. The living room looks infinitely better now than it did without this very small addition. I’m a big fan of indoor plants and flower arrangements–they really brighten up a room. 

Some great examples (from Apartment Therapy): 

This one isn’t inside, but I just love it:

DIY Projects I Adore

Maybe once my husband and I are settled into the new house and the stress of moving and organizing has fully worn off, I’ll give these do-it-yourself projects a try.

(All via Design*Sponge)

An adorable clock:

A great way to use that Ikea silverware that I don’t need anymore:

A perfect place to display my many teas:

Have any great DIY design projects that you are aching to do? I’d love to hear them!

Love It Monday

Love It Monday is a feature geared toward getting the week started on a positive note.

This Monday I’m loving:

Comfy Beds 

I ran a 10-mile race yesterday and I’m feeling totally wiped today. I just want to fall into bed and sleep until tomorrow afternoon. 



Couldn’t you just fall asleep in this bed right now?!