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Living Pretty

I love the way this bright blue looks alongside the brick of the fireplace and all of the beautiful hardwood.

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Living Pretty

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Oh how I wish my backyard and deck looked like this.

Living Pretty

Isn’t this just a lovely little dining space? 

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Live It, Wear It

I’m getting ready to do some painting and design stuff in my house in the upcoming months and it’s got me completely fixated on colors. So I’m making the most of it and trying out a new feature, “Live It, Wear It.” Here’s my first shot at presenting a particular color scheme in both home design and personal fashion. 




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Clustered Frames

I definitely want to devote at least one wall in our new house (maybe in the bedroom?) to a cluster of framed photos and artwork. I think the effect is fantastic, especially when used sparingly and in direct contrast to a mostly blank wall with just one or two larger framed pictures.

Desire to Inspire; A Cup of Jo; decor8; A Cup of Jo; decor8; decorology; Design*Sponge; Design*Sponge; The City Sage

A Picture Perfect Home Part 3: The Bedroom

This is the third in a series about using photography to decorate the different living spaces in an average (read: modest) home. I have always been a fan of giving each room a different decorative identity.

For me, a bedroom is ideally a space dedicated to sleeping and lovemaking. Though I’ve never lived somewhere with enough room to keep my bedroom separate from a study or general living space, I’ve always wished that I could read, or write, or watch tv in one room and essentially retire to my bedroom at the end of the night, quietly and peacefully and without the physical clutter of more mentally active spaces. I’m not a firm believer or follower of feng shui, but I think there’s something to be said for the idea of making your bedroom a place where your work life and your everyday stressors don’t follow you.

Since I’m still technically a newlywed, I think I would use photography in the bedroom to play up the relational aspect of that room, in hopes of creating a place where my husband and I can always be peaceful and happy in each other’s company–free from stress, without arguments and simply focused on relaxing and enjoying each other’s presence.

The following photographs are available on Etsy.

by irenesuchocki

by irenesuchocki

by landonhowell

by landonhowell

by ImagineStudio

by ImagineStudio

by ImagineStudio

by ImagineStudio

And these are some of our own photos that I think would look really nice together as a framed series on one wall or above the bed.




Or perhaps just this one on it’s own, as a larger print in a nice wooden frame. It’s hard to get the cat to take a picture, so this is the closest we have to a family portrait. Both Dan and the dog could use a little grooming, but I love this shot anyway!


A Bit O’ Green

Happy St. Patty’s Day! In honor of the holiday, I’ve searched high and low for my favorite uses of green in home decoration and decor. Have a safe holiday!

I love the way this softer, earthy green works with the brighter orange. The colors work well together because they both have warm, natural tones, but softness of the green creates a perfect background that allows the orange to pop without being overpowering.

The touch of green in the window dressing really brightens up this more neutral-toned room and helps draw out the blue from the floor rug. The calming affect of the dark wood and khaki remains, but the burst of green helps keep the room from feeling dull and drained.

While I think this room could benefit from a nice bamboo rug instead of one that adds still more green squares, I do like the repeated geometric elements in this room (the chair cushions have green squares that are then mirrored in the pillows that line the window bench) and the many shades of green that are used. I think the chairs are fantastic and look incredibly comfortable.

This bright, kelly green is just beautiful against the white of the kitchen shelves and cabinets. It creates a very fun, clean look.

Combining green and yellow really infuses a room with light and makes any time of year feel more like spring.

Soft, airy greens paired with creamy yellows and neutrals really enhance the height and openness of a room. The darker color of the coffee table grounds the room and draws the attention toward the center, while the pale greens help keep the room open and accent it’s light and high ceilings.

Anyone have green as a main component of their home decor? I’d love to see it! Again, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


I think any of these vintage posters would be an awesome addition to my new dining room. I didn’t intend to focus on beverage posters, but just found that all the ones I liked best fit that category. I guess it’s been a long week! Any advice on which one I should get?

You can find all of these and thousands more here.

picture-7Clockwise from top left: Couzan Brault by Pierre Collot; Le Bon Bock; Bières de Chartres; Nicolas by Francis Bernard

picture-8Left to right: Un Fournier by Leonetto Cappiello; Campagne Joseph Perrier

picture-11Left to right: Anisetta Evangelisti Liquore da Dessert; Bière de l’Eclair

I think this one may be my favorite. Perrierpicture-10

A Space to Place My Feet

I saw a post on The City Sage about oversized ottomans and now I totally want to do this in my new house (if and when I get one!). I think this purple one is my favorite.

You can see the rest here.

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